Sherdog’s Top 10: Fastest Knockouts in UFC History

Fastest Knockouts in UFC History

By Brian Knapp Oct 26, 2017

Crowds react to them like nothing else in combat sports. Fast knockouts have always been an indisputable draw of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, dating to its earliest iterations. They serve as wakeup calls for all those who practice mixed martial arts as a profession and have at times served as rallying cries for those who cannot stomach the violence that occurs inside the cage.

During the 24 years the UFC has existed, its record books have been written and rewritten by quick-strike KOs, the authors as diverse as the methods they use: punches, knees, kicks, elbows and even slams. From blue-chip prospects and hall of fame-caliber champions to everything in between, the one common denominator has been the jolt of electricity they send coursing through arenas across the globe.

The latest installment of the Sherdog Top 10 series examines the fastest submissions in UFC history:


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Robert Emerson def. Manny Gamburyan -- Punches, 0:12 (UFC 87), Johny Hendricks def. Jon Fitch -- Punch, 0:12 (UFC 141); Gary Goodridge def. Paul Herrera -- Elbows, 0:13 (UFC 8); Anthony Johnson def. Chad Reiner -- Punches, 0:13 (UFC Fight Night 10); Conor McGregor def. Jose Aldo -- Punches, 0:13 (UFC 194); Anthony Johnson def. Glover Teixeira -- Punch, 0:13 (UFC 202); Terry Martin def. Jorge Rivera -- Punches, 0:14 (UFC 67); Anthony Perosh def. Vinny Magalhaes -- Punches, 0:14 (UFC 163); Anthony Hamilton def. Damian Grabowski -- Punches, 0:14 (UFC 201); Jens Pulver def. John Lewis -- Punch, 0:15 (UFC 28); Andrei Arlovski def. Paul Buentello -- Punch, 0:15 (UFC 55); Dustin Ortiz def. Hector Sandoval -- Punches, 0:15 (UFC Fight Night 114)


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