Sherdog’s Top 10: Mismatches

Top 10

By Mike Sloan Feb 17, 2016

Aside from the heavily favored fighters who trounce their opposition, virtually no one enjoys watching an egregious mismatch. The outcome is almost never in doubt, and the only purpose it serves is to make the superior fighter look good at the expense of a far lesser foe.

Glaring mismatches often result in highlight-reel finishes, and while those are fun to watch, such happenings do not take away from the pointlessness of it all. Over the years, there have been countless mismatches, and the latest installment in the Sherdog Top 10 series series sets out to dig up the worst of the worst. Only major promotions were included, as mismatches on the regional level are too numerous to count: Soccer Mom KO, anyone?


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Norifumi Yamamoto vs. Tony Valente (K-1 Max World Grand Prix 2004 Opening Round); Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Gilles Arsene (Pride 23); Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen (UFC 159); Gary Goodridge vs. Yoshiaki Yatsu (Pride 16)


Number 10 » Kerr-Stott
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