Sherdog’s Top 10: Non Pay-Per-View Main Events

Top 10

By Tristen Critchfield May 4, 2013
Benson Henderson was in the middle of two unforgettable WEC scraps. | Photo: Dave Mandel/

MMA fans are generally a loyal group, willing to shell out $50 to $60 of their hard-earned cash on a monthly basis in order to see their favorite fighters throw down on pay-per-view. It is nice, however, to get a little something for nothing every once in a while. As the sport has expanded in recent years, more and more high-quality fights are being offered on free TV.

OK, so if you receive a monthly bill from a cable or satellite provider, you know “free” is a bit of a stretch -- even more so if you factor in that premium channel charge that some might have paid for Showtime when Strikeforce was still around. Nonetheless, most anyone can appreciate the chance to view more violence without those annoying pay-per-view charges.

In honor of an ever-growing MMA lineup on television, a panel of staff has selected its Top 10 “Non Pay-Per-View Main Events.” Entertainment value and all-out action are obviously important, but so too are significance, hype and long-term impact.

Number 10 » Tate vs. Rousey
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