UFC 28: High Stakes Preview


Nov 11, 2000

Although much of the card was thrown together last minute (as is the norm for the UFC), it may turn out to be one of the best nights of fighting for the event in the last three years.

With it's usual mix of veterans and newcomers, UFC 28: High Stakes sports a deeper talent pool than many events in promotion's recent history. UFC 28 also introduces two desperately needed new weight divisions; Bantamweights and Superheavyweights. To be more accurate, it was the lower weight division that was really needed to allow the smaller, faster individuals an opportunity to compete. The Superheavyweight division was most likely initiated so that the big guys don't get hammered by the really, really big guys. It also creates a new title for the heavier fighters to capture. 200lbs+ was just too wide-open a division for some fighters to compete. Also, the athletes in our sport have evolved to such a great extent that a fighter of 6'10" and 300lbs can box, grapple and apply submissions just like his more diminutive counterparts.

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