UFC 92 Breakdown: The Undercard

Evensen vs. Barry

Dec 26, 2008
Another year nears its end on the biosphere, and, while everyone else maxes out every piece of plastic in sight and makes New Year’s resolutions that may not last two weeks, loyal mixed martial arts fans sit back in anticipation of another year-end feast from the fine folks at the UFC.

This time around, UFC President Dana White & Co. deliver an event worthy of “The Ultimate 2008” tagline accompanying UFC 92 this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

While most cannot wait for that triple headliner, the undercard has plenty of intrigue, including the UFC debut of an Ernesto Hoost protégé, the perpetually confusing name reversal that’s Reese Andy and the watch-if-you-dare leg kicks of everyone’s favorite Euro, Antoni Hardonk.

Dan Evensen vs. Patrick Barry

Dan “The Viking” Evensen Scouting Report
Height:/Weight: 6’3/250 lbs.
Age: 34
Hometown: Arendal, Norway
Fighting out of: Las Vegas
Record: 10-3

The stakes: Saddled with a 0-1 mark inside the Octagon at a time when fighters are getting cut like line items in the New York state budget, Evensen desperately needs to prove he can hang in the UFC heavyweight division. Taking out a blue chipper like Barry is just the way to do it. Whether or not T.I. is big in Norway matters not; Evensen would do well to heed the words of Atlanta’s resident king and remind himself that “even when winning is illogical, losing is still far from optional.”

The breakdown: If you make your living standing, few things are worse than taking on a superior striker, and that’s precisely the Sisyphean task awaiting “The Viking.” Taking a cue from those marauding Vikings is Evensen’s best bet. He owns a considerable size advantage over Barry, who may wilt under pressure if Evensen can use brute physicality to overcome the disparity in skill.

Patrick “HD” Barry Scouting Report
Height/Weight: 5’11/230 lbs.
Age: 29
Hometown: New Orleans
Fighting out of: Milwaukee
Record: 3-0

The stakes: When you’re one of North America’s premier kickboxing prospects, making the leap to MMA might seem like a bridge that’s too risky to cross. But considering Barry has already survived the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina -- which claimed the life of his grandmother -- it would be more than fair to say Deep Blue has nothing on Barry in the adaptability department. Although, with only three fights worth of professional experience, it would not be the first time a phenom fell apart inside the cage.

The breakdown: While Barry’s short stature makes him a Lilliputian heavyweight, his athletic ability and striking savvy also make him one of the more dangerous up and comers the UFC heavyweight division has seen in some time. Against Evensen, Barry would do well to keep his quarry at bay with leg kicks while using movement to befuddle the lumbering brute. From there, it becomes a matter of time before Barry starts zeroing in on the openings in Evensen’s flimsy defense.

* * *
The bottom line: Barry has the kind of striking that sets him apart from most of the heavyweight division, and Evensen lacks anything beyond his basic brawling base to use against “HD.” Hope for some short main card fights, as Barry should notch an exciting knockout victory.
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