K-1 MMA: Romanex Preview

Gary Goodridge vs. Sylvester Terkay

May 20, 2004
Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge vs. Sylvester “The Predator” Terkay

One fighter returns to action after a brief retirement and the other makes just his second venture into the sport of MMA.

GOODRIDGE: Arm wrestling champion and longtime MMA veteran Gary Goodridge sports a 19-14-1 record in MMA and a 1-5-1 record in K-1.Goodridge is a big striker and likes to settle it standing. A regular at the Pride events from the very beginning, Gary Goodridge was the opponent in the debuts of Igor Vovchanchyn, Tom Erikson, Ricco Rodriguez and Rodrigo Nogueira. Gary began his MMA career in the UFC, fighting in three 8-man tournaments and a single bout before competing in two Brazilian tournaments and winning the first IVC event in 1997. The tournament was not without its controversy as Goodridge literally “manhandled” his opponent Pedro Otavio in the final bout. He moved on to Pride and has fought there regularly throughout the years with only a few bouts outside the organization, this being one of them.

TERKAY: Sylvester Terkay is a 6’6 315lb and an Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Zero-One professional wrestler who has trained with Brock Lessnar, Brian Keck and Shelton Benjamin. Terkay was the 1993 NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and the runner-up in 1992. Terkay won the 1993 NCAA championship at North Carolina State and then became the first UPW champion in 1999. He signed a developmental deal with the WWF but was released and returned to UPW. In 2001, he joined the Zero-One promotion in Japan and took the nickname “The Predator”. In 2003, Terkay defeated Steve Corino for the Zero-One U.S. title and then won it again defeating Mike Knox 6 months later.

MY PICK: It seems as though Goodridge and Terkay have engaged in their own verbal sparring match prior to this bout. Whether it is genuine or not, given the theatrical inclination of both of these characters, remains to be seen. The one thing you can be sure of it the fact Goodridge has been here better than 30 times before. Terkay has wrestled professionally and in college but he’s only competed in the “real deal” once before and that was against an inexperienced opponent. If “Big Daddy” can deal with Terkay’s size, this bout should a typical day at the office. “The Predator” has dabbled in Muay Thai and submissions but he’s 34. He’s not starting out, he’s well into his career and he’ll likely return to the comfort of predetermined outcomes once he feel’s Gary’s strikes. I feel it will be Goodridge by TKO in the 1st Rd.

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