Penn Still Pushing

Mar 18, 2009
Following a hearing Tuesday with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, B.J. Penn continues to push his case.

“I still want my fair fight,” Penn told in reference to his Jan. 31 bout against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94 in Las Vegas. “I didn’t get my fair fight. I want my fair shot. That’s why I’m so adamant about those things.”

Penn accused St. Pierre’s corner of applying Vaseline to their fighter’s body to give him an unfair advantage. Phil Nurse, one of St. Pierre’s cornermen, testified Tuesday that he was performing a breathing technique. The commission also heard testimony from St. Pierre’s coach, Greg Jackson, as well as from Penn’s side. Commission members did not choose to file a formal disciplinary complaint against anyone.

B.J. Penn reacts to Tuesday's hearing.
The issue doesn’t appear resolved, however. Penn remains steadfast in his right to challenge the actions of St. Pierre’s camp, even though doing so has brought some backlash from fans and critics.

“If you have a problem with me making a formal complaint, what does that say about yourself? If you have a problem with me questioning if somebody cheated or not, what does that say about yourself?” Penn asked. “If [St. Pierre] didn’t cheat, the truth will come out; he will be acquitted. If he did cheat, the truth will come out; he will get in trouble.”

In this exclusive interview with’s Greg Savage, Penn explains his motivation, discusses his mother’s emotional statement at the hearing and also talks about what he sees as the only fair resolution.
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