Sherdog Boxing: The Weekly Wrap

By James Kinneen Dec 28, 2018

Adrien Broner Arrested for Failing to Appear in Court and Sued for Failing to Pay Jeweler

This was a tough week for Adrien “The Problem” Broner. While he will be facing Manny Pacquiao in a big PPV fight on Jan. 19, he is currently facing a couple of legal issues that may derail his training. Broner was arrested two days before Christmas for consistently failing to appear in court, all stemming from a 2017 arrest for driving with no license, speeding, and having no registration or proof of insurance. This year, Broner was also banished from Uber after being a jerk to one of their drivers, so it is unclear exactly how he is getting around these days.

“About Billions” is also being sued by New York’s Pristine Jewelers, who claim he bought $1.52 million dollars in jewelry, but his checks (he still uses checks?) didn’t clear, so Broner swore he’d pay the man after he fought Jessie Vargas. Broner never paid him, and now he’s getting sued for the original money and more.

Jaime Munguia Fighting Takeshi Inoue Jan. 26 on DAZN

After becoming a star on HBO due to his aggressive style and destructive punching power, 22-year-old Mexican Jaime Munguia will be taking his talents to DAZN. His first fight for the network will be against Takeshi Inoue in Houston on Jan. 26. Inoue is 13-0 but has only fought outside of Japan once and is very green to be getting a shot at a fighter as good as Munguia. Still, Munguia is always exciting and is a great addition to DAZN as long as he continues winning.

Teddy Atlas Thinks Judges Were Right in Charlo-Harrison Fight

While tons of boxing fans and media members saw Tony Harrison’s victory over Jermell Charlo as a “robbery,” newly inducted IBHOF member Teddy Atlas was apparently not one of them. Regarding the decision, Atlas said in part, “The criterion is clear. The person landing the cleaner more effective punches should be the victor. It is irrelevant what style fighters use to accomplish this, be it moving forward, sideways or backward. As long as they control the action of the bout by outhitting their opponent, they should have their hand raised. That is what I believe, and it is what my eyes told me that Harrison did.”

Teddy Atlas’ impassioned, if not over the top declarations of “robbery” have been used to bolster boxing fans’ arguments for years. Next time you try to use his opinion to justify your own, remember how he saw this fight.

Mayweather Beefs With De La Hoya and 50 Cent on Social Media

While Christmas meant there was not a whole lot going on in the boxing world this week, Floyd Mayweather still managed to reignite some petty social media disputes again. First, Oscar de La Hoya tweeted “Happy Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who is great full and optimistic about life and positive about everything that doesn’t go your way. Life is truly Beutiful if you wake up every morning believing in yourself and in others. And to the haters go fuck your self. Hoho.”

While the haters line was not explicitly directed at Floyd, Floyd figured it was about him and wrote on Instagram "I never claim to be a rocket scientist, but in the boxing ring I’m Albert Einstein. This is the same coke head talking about running for president in 2020."

While Oscar claimed the “beautiful” typo was an intentional ploy to troll Floyd into responding, all credit to the supposedly illiterate Mayweather for both noticing the misspelling and using it as a chance to knock Oscar’s supposed presidential intentions. Floyd also got into a spat with longtime friend turned enemy 50 Cent, after Floyd posted a video of his all black luxury car collection, apparently mocking 50’s colorful car collection, and lack of one specific Ferrari Floyd already owns.

Adonis Stevenson Now Conscious

And finally, in a bit of good news about a very bad situation, Adonis Stevenson has woken from his medically induced coma and is now conscious. According to his brother, he doesn’t need a ventilator to breath, can move his arms and legs, and is able to sit up. Stevenson’s family is reportedly hopeful he will be moved to a Montreal hospital soon. Make no mistake, Adonis Stevenson will never be close to the person he was before the fight against Oleksandr Gvozdyk, but at this point any positive progress is good news.


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