B.J. Penn Accused of Sexual Abuse, Drug Addiction by Mother of Children in Restraining Order

By Tristen Critchfield Apr 10, 2019

UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn has been accused of verbal, physical and sexual abuse in a restraining order filed by his partner of 10 years, Shealen Uaiwa.

According to a statement obtained by MMAjunkie.com , Uaiwa writes, “During our 10-year relationship, I [endured] verbal abuse, physical abuse…sexual abuse.

“..B.J. has been a drug addict since he was 14. He has patterns of up and down drug use and uses his training camps to try and stay sober.”

Uaiwa initially obtained a restraining order against Penn in October in Hawaii family court, and the order was extended until Oct. 8, 2021 following a February hearing. Penn was required to stay at least 100 feet away from Uaiawa in the initial order, but he is allowed supervised visits with the couple’s two children and some interaction with Uaiawa through their attorneys, according to the report.

Penn’s attorney, John Schmidtke Jr., couldn’t comment on the allegations but told MMAjunkie that the records contained “incomplete information.” Penn’s legal team was denied a request to seal online court records.

Uaiwa alleges numerous incidents of violent and verbally abusive behavior from Penn throughout the statement. The restraining order was first filed on Oct. 9, two days after Uaiwa says Penn made threats toward her and her mother.

“I went to pick up my daughters and B.J. came up to the car threatening my mother that he will kick her dumb c—t ass out of her house,” Uaiwa wrote. “He was harassing me and my mother with verbal abuse, calling us c—ts, manipulators and stealers. I was trying to get out of the drive way and he was making it hard like he wanted to attack me and my mom through the window.

“..B.J. threatened that he was going to kill my brother, that he could kill my whole family.”

Uaiwa also went into further detail regarding Penn’s drug use and substance abuse.

“I woke up to him one night scared because he got cocaine on my oldest daughter,” she wrote. “He was freaking out and wanted to commit suicide…[In 2015] B.J. got inducted [into] the Hall of Fame. B.J. got drunk, attacked me in the room to try and get my phone. He shattered my phone, [verbally] abused me all night long.

“Him and his friends did cocaine in the bathroom all night while me and my children were in the room and his niece [and] aunty were in the living room.”

Uaiwa hinted that the statement is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Penn’s behavior, and that she had previously been scared to report him “because of his name, reputation and the control he has over my life.”

“I feel fearful for my safety and my children’s life, and for the influence he has over my children,” she added. “There has been so many incidents through our relationship. These are just more recent incidents.”

Penn, who came out of retirement in 2017, is scheduled to face Clay Guida at UFC 237 on May 11 in Brazil. The Hawaiian is winless in his last seven UFC bouts.


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