Colby Covington on Scrapped Nick Diaz Fight: He's Washed Up, He's Done

By Nathan Zur Dec 20, 2018

A welterweight bout between former interim welterweight champion Colby Covington and Nick Diaz was rumored to be in the works for the main event at UFC 230 last month before the promotion decided to go with the heavyweight title fight between Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis.

“Chaos” was a recent guest on episode 108 of BJPENN Radio and said that the UFC offered Diaz a fight against him in the main event and wasn’t surprised when the fight didn’t go ahead.

Nick Diaz sure the hell don’t want to fight me,” Covington said. “He got offered me in November at MSG but he’s a little b*tch.”

After UFC 230 had concluded, Diaz was linked to another fighter, this time Covington’s training partner Jorge Masvidal, although according to “Gamebred” that fight will most likely not go ahead either.

Covington maintains that Diaz had no intention of ever actually fighting him, but let the rumors persist in order to keep his own name out there.

“He’s trying to keep his name in the headlines, get some media, get a couple of extra Instagram followers,” Covington said. “He ain’t here to fight man, he’s done, he’s washed up. He can’t even fight anymore. When’s the last time he got a win? Like last generation? Last decade? No one gives a f*ck about him anymore. He’s out partying in Vegas, doing lines of coke, beating up chicks because he ain’t beating up no guys. That’s all he can do is beat up chicks. So we’ve got the little Stockton, little p*ssy, ain’t doing sh*t no more.”
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