Deontay Wilder vs. Artur Szpilka Updates: Results, Play-by-Play & Round-by-Round Scoring

By Mike Fridley Jan 16, 2016's live Showtime Boxing coverage kicks off Saturday at 10 p.m. ET. Also, a free live stream of Deontay Wilder vs. Artur Szpilka can be watched HERE.

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IBF Vacant Heavyweight Title Fight:
Charles Martin vs. Vyacheslav Glazkov

Round 1

The third man in the ring is referee Earl Brown. Martin, the taller fighter and also a southpaw, starts to feel his range with a few pawing jabs. The pace is slow throughout the opening minute of action with both fighters trying to establish a comfort level. Referee Brown warns both fighters to watch their feet as they step on each other’s feet: a common theme for orthodox vs. left-handed fighters. Nice looping left for Glazkov. Martin answers with a straight right. Oh, nice left from Martin. Martin throws the first real combo of the fight but it comes up short. 10-9 Martin.

Round 2

Glazkov takes the center of the ring and eats a straight left hand for his efforts. Really low output from each man early on. Martin opens up a bit but nothing lands flush. Glazkov moves his head well defensively; a testament to his lengthy amateur career. The crowd grows restless and starts to chant for action. Glazkov with a right to the body before the bell. It's a close, uneventful round that can go either way. 10-9 Glazkov.

Round 3

Martin brings the tempo in the first 30 seconds of round three. Martin clips Glazkov with a straight left. Again, Martin steps on the Ukrainian’s lead foot and he falls to the canvas. Brown correctly rules it a non-knockdown. Martin eats a short punch and Glazkov falls and hurts his right knee. It may have happened on the first slip. He beats the count and verbally submits. The fight is over.

Replays show it was definitely a right knee injury. Not pretty, either.

The Official Result

Charles Martin def. Vyacheslav Glazkov via TKO (Knee Injury) 1:50 R3

WBC Heavyweight Title Fight:
Deontay Wilder vs. Artur Szpilka

Round 1

It’s another Southpaw vs. orthodox heavyweight title fight. Szpiklla, a lefty, lands a left hand that gets Wilder’s attention right off the bat. The pace has slowed as Wilder tries to get his feet under him. Wilder is getting wild and his corner is asking him to compose himself. Szpilka raises his hands in confusion. Szpilka is trying to go to the body, but Wilder’s reach is forcing the Polish fighter to come up short. 10-9 Szpilka.

Round 2

Wilder takes the center of the ring and begins the round with a long jab. Szpilka is trying to find an entrance to do work, but Wilder’s length is oppressive. Szpilka lands a hard left-hook counter just as Wilder touched him up with a right. The challenger got the better of that exchange. Szpilka is spending a lot of energy as he reaches to hit the body, but he’s come up short on each and every midsection attempt. Right hand counter for Szpilka over the top of Wilder’s jab. Impressive stuff. Szpilka is growing more confident. 10-9 Szpilka.

Round 3

Szpilka eats a long jab from Wilder. Wilder has yet to find a rhythm as we approach the midway point of the third stanza. Szpilka is not connecting this round, but he has the champion flustered with his aggression. Wilder lands a right hand, his best punch of the fight thus far. Szpilka lands a left uppercut before the bell. 10-9 Szpilka.

Round 4

The fighters taunt each other by shaking their power hands high in the air, but this round is much more bark than bite through two minutes. Szpilka’s head movement has given Wilder problems all night. Szpilka eats a hard right. Wilder is heating up. Another connects for the champion. 10-9 Wilder.

Round 5

We’ve got a fight breaking out in the fifth round as the action has intensified. Wilder looks much more comfortable as he stands his ground and lets his length dictate the tempo. Szpilka lands a right hand that gets Wilder’s attention. Wilder lands a sharp right uppercut. 10-9 Wilder.

Round 6

Both men are cautious as we move into the sixth round. Wilder looks like a completely different fighter than he appeared to be in the opening frames. Confidence is palpable. Wilder roughs Szpilka up with a right hand. Szpilka attacks with a flurry but Wilder has none of it. Nice right to the body for Szpilka. 10-9 Wilder.

Round 7

Gorgeous one-two from Wilder snaps Szpilka’s head backwards along the ropes. Wilder has the range difference figured out. Oh goodness: what a right hand for Wilder. Wilder really tested the challenger’s chin with that shot. Szpilka is now fighting sloppy as he being picked apart by a technician. Nice jab from Wilder. Szpilka is being aggressive but he’s landing nothing. You couldn’t tell that to the Showtime broadcast team, but Szpilka landed little down the stretch. 10-9 Wilder.

Round 8

The pace has slowed as each man needs a break from the last round. Szpilka with a hard left hand. His cleanest shot in several rounds. Szpilka goes back to the body and he actually connects with a two-piece. Wilder lands a right hand and then slips. 10-9 Szpilka.

Round 9

It’s an event fight at 76-76 going into the eighth round on the unofficial scorecard. Wilder lands a stiff combo and then is warned for rabbit punching. Szpilka answers with a left hook. Wilder lands a right hand. And another. Szpilka stays patient and goes to the body. Oh my goodness. Szpilka is knocked cold with a right-hand counter. Wow. Out. Cold. Eyes frozen open. A count is not even needed. He’s still out. Wilder walks over to check on the fallen fighter and there's finally some reaction from Szpilka. What a knockout. Szpilka is now sitting up and appears to be OK.

The Official Result

Deontay Wilder def. Artur Szpilka via Knockout 2:24, R9


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