Enjoying Vacation in Brazil, Henry Cejudo Talks About Potential UFC Return

By Marcelo Alonso Jan 15, 2021

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship champ-champ Henry Cejudo does not plan on coming back any time soon, but he will be ready if needed.

Eight months after knocking out Dominick Cruz and hanging up his gloves, Cejudo is enjoying his vacation on the paradisiac Natal, in northeast Brazil. This area is the homeland of teammate and Bellator MMA double champion Patricio Freire.

Last Tuesday, Cejudo interrupted his vacation to participate in the Combate podcast “Mundo da Luta.” Speaking in impressive Portuguese, the Olympic champion confirmed that he has no immediate plans to return, but did not close the door entirely to competition.

“Dana White knows my number,” Cejudo said. “I’m here in Natal enjoying my vacation, but trained yesterday with Pitbull brothers. If Uncle Dana needs me for next week, I’ll be ready.”

Cejudo especially loved to hear that flyweight champ Deiveson Figueiredo suggested to fight him at the bantamweight division.

“As I said, I was born ready,” Cejudo guaranteed. “This guy has to understand that he is holding this belt because I gave this gift to him. If I were in UFC, he would be painting women’s hair and nail as he used to. He is the nanny of my belt.”

When asked if he would still have any interest in returning to face off against UFC legend Jose Aldo, Cejudo was not as keen on the prospect as he had been in the past.

“Aldo is too old,” Cejudo admitted. “Actually, he should have already retired. He wouldn’t last two rounds with me.”

All the while, Cejudo did confirm the possibility of fighting in a third division.

“I want to be the first fighter to make history being a three-division champion.”

“The Messenger” also mentioned that while he would love to become a champ in three weight classes, he was not necessarily the best. Instead, he believes Freire is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport.

“[Friere] could win both featherweight and lightweight titles in [the] UFC,” Cejudo claimed.

While Cejudo believed that his second match against Demetrious Johnson was the most important fight of his MMA career, it was not his most difficult obstacle to overcome.

“No doubt my Olympic gold,” Cejudo replied when asked of his greatest career challenge. “In MMA, you have a long time to prepare against one tough opponent. In an Olympic Wrestling competition, you find out who will be your opponent on the day of the event, and you have to beat many of the best in the world [on] the same day.”

“Definitely was the toughest challenge of my life,” Cejudo concluded.

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