Luis Pena 911 Call Audio Released: ‘He Punched Me in the Face’

By Jay Pettry Oct 14, 2021

The harrowing 911 call for former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Luis Pena has been released.

Hours before TMZ first broke the news that Pena had been let go from the UFC following his second arrest for domestic violence, TMZ also put out audio of the 911 call by Pena’s girlfriend.

Per the most recent reports along with the arrest records and appropriate affidavits, Pena was witnessed having struck his girlfriend with a closed fist more than once, and continued when she fell to the ground. She also injured her wrist and suffered a bite mark by her knee, according to the affidavit. When another woman attempted to intervene, Pena allegedly struck her as well. Both women provided sworn statements following the incident.

In the 911 call, Pena’s girlfriend identified Pena as a UFC fighter, and claimed that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She went on to state that she was choked by the fighter the night before, and detailed the events of that night.

“Well, I wasn’t trying to snitch, but my since my boyfriend wants to be an a--hole, he put his hands on me, and he’s got to go,” Pena’s girlfriend told the dispatch officer.

She continued, “Well, he punched me in the face, but he did this also two days ago, I have the mark, I have a band-aid on my back, I have everything to prove it. So, I would like the police to come, and I want them to remove him. So, I can get my things and go the f--- home.”

Police were called and arrived on the scene that previous night, but they did not make any arrests.

“They were mad because I wouldn’t cooperate, because I didn’t want to snitch on him, but unfortunately, I have to now. So…I would like them to come back.”

When asked when the most recent incident occurred, she told the officer that it was very recent, and that she wanted Pena to be taken away.

“Probably an hour ago,” she said when questioned about the recency of an altercation. “We have a no-contact order so technically we shouldn’t even be living together. I really need a cop to come here and get him out now, because I have scratches and bruises all over me now from him. I need him gone. I’m done, and I need help. Please.”

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