'The Way of Shooto 6' Results & Play-by-Play

Nov 19, 2010
Sherdog.com will report from the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan at approximately 5:00 a.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of "The Way of Shooto 6: Like a Tiger, Like a Dragon," which is headlined by a 143-pound Shooto Pacific Rim title match between champion Taiki Tsuchiya and challenger Gustavo Falciroli.

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Toshiaki Hayasaka vs. Kenji Yamamoto

Round 1
Yamamoto stuffs a takedown after landing a few hard right hooks in early exchanges. We're just a minute in and Hayasaka's left eye is already turning red from all the hooks. In a strange twist though, the next few exchanges open up a cut over Hayasaka's right eye, which begins to bleed profusely. Referee Toshiharu Suzuki pauses the action to get him looked at, at which point the bout is called off. Kenji Yamamoto makes a successful pro debut at 1:28 of the first round.

Yuta Nezu vs. Kota Onojima

Round 1
Onojima takes a wide stance and fends off a head kick followed by low kicks from Nezu. Onojima holds his hands high, staying just out of the way for big Nezu roundhouses. Onojima puts Nezu up against the ropes where both men trade knees. An Onojima knee goes to the groin and there's a brief stop to allow him to recover.

Nezu continues his low and high kick assault when they resume, with Onojima returning the low kicks and throwing jabs. Onojima is not checking Nezu's low kicks though and he's eating a lot of them. They clinch again and Nezu blasts knees into Onojima's belly to close out the round. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 Nezu.

Round 2
Taro Irei

Nezu's striking bested Onojima.
Nezu returns to throwing low kicks while Onojima tries to lob windmills over them. His efforts see him careen into Nezu up against the ropes. They break and both return to throwing low kicks and single punches. Onojima catches a low kick and trips Nezu to the mat where he kicks at his legs twice before Nezu pops to his feet. Onojima eats some more leg kicks and puts Nezu on the ropes again where they trade knees. Nezu spends the last minute making a show of throwing knees to Onojima's midsection, but not a lot of them make contact. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 Nezu, for a 20-18 Yuta Nezu scorecard.

Judge Tadashi Yokoyama scores the bout 20-20, while judges Toshiharu Suzuki and Kosuke Watanabe score the bout 20-19, for the winner by majority decision, Yuta Nezu.

Haruo Ochi vs. Hiroaki Ijima

Round 1
After two tries, Ochi gets a takedown and Ijima clams up, holding Ochi in guard tight. Ijima tries to sweep Ochi and they get to their feet. Ijima shoots now and Ochi almost sprawls out of the ring. Back on the feet, Ijima and Ochi trade punches before Ochi again pancakes Ijima. This is followed by two hard right hooks that drop Ijima in a corner. Ijima covers up and then tries to grab a leg. Ochi pulls back and sparks Ijima again. Ijima tries to grab a leg in survival mode, but Ochi pancakes him again. Ijima recovers, but gives up bottom in guard. Ochi pounds away and Ijima's head bounces off the canvas a few times. Ijima survives and finishes out the round, resting in the clinch. Score.com sees the opening frame 10-8 for Haruo Ochi.

Round 2
Taro Irei

Haruo Ochi pounded Iijima.
Ochi continues to beat Ijima up on the feet, making the sweat fly whenever his tight hooks and hard right straights connect. Ochi also lands a hard flying knee to the body. Ochi gets the takedown and Ijima holds on, punching the side of Ochi's head. Ochi lands a few hard shots in guard, gets to his feet and lands even more hard punches on Ijima. Ochi shoots, but is stuffed against the ropes. He drags Ijima to the ground from the clinch. Ijima fights to his feet and eats more punches for his trouble. Ijima's right ear is bleeding. Ochi lands a blistering uppercut, but Ijima isn't going down. Ijima is throwing back and tags Ochi several times while Ochi continues to wail and connect. The round closes out as such, Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 Ochi, and scores the bout 20-17 for Haruo Ochi.

Judges Toshiharu Suzuki and Tadashi Yokoyama score the bout 20-16, and Kosuke Watanabe scores the bout 20-17 for the winner by unanimous decision, Haruo Ochi.

Shinya Murofushi vs. Mikihito Yamagami

Round 1
Murofushi gets busy with low kicks and popping Yamagami in the face with jabs. Southpaw Yamagami throws back a few jabs and left hands of his own and gets through. Murofushi shoots but is stuffed. Yamagami blocks Murofushi's high kick, which is an effort to mask a takedown. Murofushi almost gives up his back in the attempt, but instead is able to turn it into a guillotine attempt. It's not tight and referee Toshiharu Suzuki breaks them up. Yamagami works a guillotine of his own next after a botched Murofushi double-leg attempt. It's not tight, and Murofushi chills out on bottom as Yamagami attempts to arch his back and torque while on top until the end of the round. 10-10 for the competitive opening frame.

Round 2
Murofushi tries to mask takedown attemps with one-twos and high kicks, but Yamagami is savvy to the tactic and stuffs the attempts.
Taro Irei

Shinya Murofushi's triangle
came too late to save him.
Yamagami rails Murofushi with three hard lefts and a jab, stuffing another takedown. Murofushi gets to his feet and tries again, this time getting a firm grip around Yamagami's legs. He's not down long however, as Yamagami is able to stand and kick at Murofushi's legs. Murofushi again tries for the takdeown, and is momentarily reversed before Yamagami stands to resume striking. Murofushi shoots again and again gives up his neck for the headlock. Murofushi scrambles backward to his feet, eats a few more shots, shoots again, and is forced to his back by Yamagami's headlock. Yamagami punching Murofushi's body in north-south in the last minute. Murofushi wraps his long legs around Yamagami's head in a reverse triangle and the crowd goes bananas. Murofushi punches from bottom while Yamagami knees to the body, closing out the round. Sherdog.com scores the final frame 10-9 for Yamagami, giving him a 20-19 scorecard.

Judge Toshiharu Suzuki scores the bout a 19-19 draw, while Kosuke Watanabe and Tadashi Yokoyama have it 20-19 and 20-18 for the winner by majority decision, Mikihito Yamagami.

Yoshihiro Koyama vs. Adam Lynn

Round 1
Koyama is the aggressor on the feet early, throwing jabs and right straights to the body. Lynn blocks up high and throws the occasional counter. Lynn tries to corner Koyama, who shoots and puts Lynn on his posterior. Lynn hops to his feet and Koyama pulls back. Lynn finding a home for his left hook, making Koyama look shaky whenever it lands. Koyama shoots again but doesn't commit fully, instead just pushing the American against the ropes. Koyama steps back again and goes back to circling and potshotting. Lynn is throwing a little more freely now. Lynn stuffs a high crotch and a single-leg and retakes the center. Koyama tries again for a takedown and Lynn stuffs him. They trade knees in the corner before Koyama steps back. They throw tentative singles at the center of the ring in the last 10 seconds. Sherdog.com has the first round even, 10-10.

Round 2
Koyama reaching with his jab, but missing, throwing right over Lynn's shoulders. Though missing, he's close enough to drive for takedowns, and does so, putting Lynn on his posterior for moments at a time. Lynn gets to his feet easily however and looks to maneuver Koyama to get his back to the ropes, just as his corner is instructing him. Lynn puts Koyama against the ropes, but he whips Lynn around and they trade knees. The American whips himself out and Lynn returns to stalking. Lynn pushes Koyama into the corner and works the body with short punches. Koyama lands and overhand right, eating a left jab in the process. Koyama goes for a single and Lynn shucks him off. Koyama goes for it again, and again, Lynn stuffs him. Koyama puts Lynn in the corner and the two trade knees. Lynn spins out, lands a right hand just before the bell. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 Lynn.

Round 3
Taro Irei

Adam Lynn shut down Yoshihiro
Koyama's wrestling attack.
Lynn landing the right hand, stuffing Koyama's single-leg attempts. Koyama tries again for the single, gets his head stuck in a headlock, from which Lynn lands a single knee to the top of his dome. Both men landing right hands in the exchanges now, but neither has any pop on their punches at this point. Lynn lands a nice one-two that sends the sweat flying. Just as it seems these two have settled into a round of striking, Koyama goes for a leg and momentarily gets on Lynn's back as he attempts to lip leg out. It doesn't last long as Lynn spins into Koyama breaks away, and looks to continue striking for the last 30 seconds. Both men missing by wide margins here, with no one putting their stamp on the fight. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 and the bout 30-28 for Adam Lynn.

Judge Kosuke Watanabe scores the bout 29-28, Tadashi Yokoyama scores it 30-28 and Toshiharu Suzuki has the fight 30-27, all for the winner by unanimous decision, Adam Lynn.

Tenkei Oda vs. Bae Yong Kwon
Taro Irei

Tenkei Oda smashed Bae Yong Kim.

Round 1
After a moment of measuring each other, Kwon throws a hard one-two. Oda shakes his head, unfazed, and then comes back with a huge right hand that wobbles the Korean. "Fujimiya" closes in for the kill landing more punches, sending Kwon scrambling. He drops Kwon with the follow-up shots and lunges as the Korean turtles up. Referee Toshiharu Suzuki jumps in for the save, somewhat prematurely, at 1:03 of the first round. Kwon doesn't protest, but looks very disappointed. There's a big mouse forming over his right eye.


The first order of business during intermission is the confirmation of three bouts for the Dec. 18 "Rookie Tournament Final 2010" card at Shinjuku Face in Tokyo: former Shooto world champion Hideki Kadowaki will meet Yusuke Yachi in a featherweight bout, 115-pound brawlers Junji "Sarumaru" Ito and Atsushi "ATCH Anarchy" Takeuchi will square off and bantamweights Tetsu "Hadairo" Suzuki will face Masato Sannai.

Also, three bouts for Shooto Japan's first card of 2011, on Jan. 10 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo are announced. Lightweight veteran Kotetsu Boku will take on Yukinari Tamura, flyweights Toshimichi Akagi and Shinichi Hanawa will square off, and former Shooto world 132-pound champion Masakatsu Ueda will square off against a yet-to-be-named opponent.

Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. Takuya Mori

Round 1
The southpaw Urushitani stays just out of range of Mori's punches, keeping Mori at bay with low kicks. Urushitani throws a high kick, which Mori blocks. Urushitani lands sharp jabs of his own.
Taro Irei

The Shooto world champion destroyed
Takuya Mori in the first round.
Frustrated, Mori switches stances to southpaw and throws low kicks. They connect, prompting Urushitani to land more punches. The Shooto world champion drops Mori with a left straight and swarms. Urushitani lands a high kick, more punches, and Mori backpedals, running for his life. Urushitani drops him again and "The Ikemen Shootor" gets busy wailing away. Referee Toshiharu Suzuki nearly jumps in and pulls an Yves Lavigne, stopping himself from calling the bout just after dropping a knee between both men. Urushitani continues to pour it on as Mori scrambles to escape beneath the ropes. Suzuki pulls Mori back into the ring to allow the champ to continue punishing Mori. Urushitani bounces his foe's head off the canvas for a few more seconds before Suzuki feels just enough remorse to finally call the bout.

Mamoru Yamaguchi vs. Fumihiro Kitahara

Round 1
Yamaguchi meets Kitahara at the center of the ring and lands a hard kick to the chest. Kitahara tries to retun the favor, but Yamaguchi blocks it. They clinch up and Kitahara puts Yamaguchi in a corner.
Taro Irei

A Yamaguchi head kick put
Kitahara out like a light.
Kitahara drops for a leg, and Yamaguchi launches a lightning fast knee to this face and reverses into Kitahara's guard. The former two-division Shooto world champion drops several hard punches as Kitahara tries to escape out the bottom rope. Referee Toshiharu Suzuki pulls them back in and Kitahara gets to his feet, eating a head kick en route. The former Shooto rookie champion dives for a takedown and puts Yamaguchi against the corner again. Yamaguchi shucks Kitahara off and then launches a huge head kick that lands square to the face. Kitahara's consciousness vacates his body, as he falls straight backward, stiff as a board. Suzuki lunges in to stop the bout before Yamaguchi can further disturb the dead. The official time for the highlight reel is 2:33 of the first round.

Taiki Tsuchiya vs. Gustavo Falciroli

Round 1
Both men start winging in the center of the ring, grazing each other's shoulders. Falciroli shoots and Tsuchiya tries to limp leg out of it, giving up his back. Falciroli chases him around the ring for a bit before hopping on and locking up the back mount. Tsuchiya scrambles, ended up on top in guard. Falciroli goes for the rubber guard, and tries to put his left shin under Tsuchiya's chin. Tsuchiya turns away, eating punches to the body and side of the head. Tsuchiya pops out of the rubber guard and postures up in Falciroli's guard, dropping punches. Falciroli grasps a leg and works from bottom to sweep. Falciroli's corner urges him to work for the single and he continues to scramble until he is able to turn a single leg attempt into capturing Tsuchiya's back in the clinch. The Australian-based Brazilian drops some knees to the back of Tsuchiya's leg as Tsuchiya leans outside of the ring. The bell rings. Sherdog.com scores the opening frame 10-9 for Falciroli.

Round 2
Tsuchiya misses a high side kick and Falciroli catches him with a hard right counter. Both men miss wild, looping punches. Falciroli slams a hard right into Tsuchiya's chin and shoots for the takedown, only to get stuffed. Falciroli's corner urges him to keep his hands up. Tsuchiya starts racking up low kicks. The Rumina Sato pupil puts two punches to Falciroli's body. Falciroli dives in to pull guard. Tsuchiya stands up and kicks at Falciroli's legs. Falciroli dives for Tsuchiya's leg and in the scramble, Tsuchiya manages to get on top in a reverse half-guard. The Shooto Pacific Rim champion spins around, pins Falciroli's arms under his legs and drops blistering punches to close out the final 10 seconds. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 for the champ, Tsuchiya.

Round 3
Tsuchiya fires repeated kicks to Falciroli's legs. Tsuchiya flurries and Falciroli drops his hands to take the punches in a vain effort to prove his toughness. The champ obliges him by pummeling him into a corner, whereupon Falciroli drops for a leg. Tsuchiya takes top in guard and continues punching away. Falciroli's corner are shouting that he needs to finish now, that he needs the submission.
Taro Irei

Taiki Tsuchiya retained
his Pacific Rim title.
Tsuchiya pops out of the rubber guard and stands up. The Brazilian Aussie lands a hard right, prompting Tsuchiya to shoot and get the takedown. Falciroli goes again for the rubber guard, but Tsuchiya stays out of it, passing to half guard, and eventually gaining a modified crucifix. Falciroli scrambles from bottom to escape and Tsuchiya lands in mount and starts to work for a last-second armbar, but the bell rings before he can pull anything out. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 Tsuchiya, giving the Pacific Rim ace a 29-28 scorecard.

Judge Tadashi Yokoyama sees the bout 30-27, while Toshiharu Suzuki and Kosuke Watanabe see it 30-26, all for the winner by unanimous decision and still Shooto Pacific Rim 143-pound champion, Taiki Tsuchiya.

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