UFC 58 "USA vs Canada" Live Play-by-Play

Prelim Results
Tom Murphy Def. Icho Larenas (Pictures) TKO (Strikes) R3 1:59

Jason Lambert (Pictures) Def. Rob MacDonald Submission (Kimura) R1 1:54

Sam Stout (Pictures) Def. Spencer Fisher (Pictures) Decision (Split) R3 5:00

Main Card

Yves Edwards (Pictures) vs Mark Hominick (Pictures)

Round 1
Yves gets started early with a right uppercut and a few knees. Straight punches finding their target for Yves. Mark lands a nice counter left hook. Both fighters look very sharp and technical with their striking. Edwards' combos are short and clean, Mark's more powerful. Hard lowkick from Yves. Hominick moving forward, Yves Circling. Nice jab from Mark.
Sherdog score: 10-9 Edwards

Round 2
Yves starts round 2 with a takedown attempt. Huge knee to the midsection then a body punch from Mark hurts Yves. Yves scores takedown into Hominick's closed guard. Hominick working for the triangle. Mark transitions into a triangle armbar forcing Edwards taps at 1:52 of the 2nd round.

Winner: Mark Hominick (Pictures)

Joe Doerksen (Pictures) vs Nathan Marquardt (Pictures)

Round 1
Nathan starts with nice lowkicks. Right hand lands for Marquardt, then sprawls to defend the takedown. Nathan goes for a guillotine, but Doerksen passes into side-control. Both fighters back to their feet. Nathan works a few punches then sprawls again to defend the shot. Body kick from Nate lands clean. Marquardt continuing to work the legs of his older opponent. Takedown for Nathan into Joe's half-guard. Doerksen working from butterfly guard now. Nate back to his feet, Joe follows. Doerksen jumps in with a flying punch that connects.
Sherdog Score: 10-9 Nathan Marquardt (Pictures)

Round 2
Doerksen catches a kick from nate and throws him to the ground to kickoff the second round. Nathan sweeps into Joe's half-guard. Both fighters now standing. Nate throws a right hand lead that glances. Marquardt now working the body with a punch and a knee. Another takedown from Nathan into Joe's butterfly guard. Both fighters standing once again. Joe drops Nathan with a left hook, but Nate recovers quickly and scores yet another takedown. Exciting finish to round 2.
Sherdog Score: 10-9 Joe Doerksen (Pictures) (knockdown)

Round 3
Round three starts with great action, Nathan striking from the outside then closing distance and scoring with uppercuts. Huge right hand ejects Joe's mouth guard. Nathan turning it up with his striking. Just when it looks as if Nate has found his range, Joe scores a takedown and passes to side-mount. Nate reverses into Joe's half-guard. Nate now working right hands from Joe's closed guard. Round three ends with a guillotine choke fom Nate, but he was unable to finish due to Joe having a arm inside the hold.
Sherdog Score: (29-28) Nathan Marquardt
Official score: (30-27) (30-27) (30-27) Nathan Marquardt

Winner: Nathan Marquardt

Georges St. Pierre (Pictures) vs B.J. Penn

Round 1
Both fighters starting fast with kicks and punches. Nice jab from BJ. Georges bleeding heavily from the nose. Spinning back kick misses for Georges. Pace starting to slow a bit, with "Rush" pushing Penn against the fence. Georges shoots in but Penn defends. BJ smoothly defends another takedown attempt. St. Pierre is bleeding bad from just under his right eye and nose. Excellent right punch to St. Pierre's body. Round one ends with Georges's face looking awful.
Sherdog Score 10-9 B.J. Penn

Round 2
"Rush" starts with several low kicks, none of which connect solidly. Georges secures a double-leg takedown and brings BJ to the mat. St. Pierre working from Penn's open guard. Georges rises to his feet and dives in with a nice right hand that lands. BJ escapes to his feet. Penn looking a bit tired. St. Pierre lands a nice knee to the face, but BJ is unphased. St. Pierre lands a kick to the body and a right hand. "Rush" gets the better of a punching exhange, with BJ landing a left counter. Another takedown for St. Pierre.
Sherdog Score: 10-9 Georges St. Pierre

Round 3

Big slam takedown from St. Pierre to start round three. Penn working from guard with heels on hips. Penn escapes to his feet, with both now clinched against the cage. Both fighters trade jabs. BJ shoots for his first takedown attempt of the night. Georges goes to one knee but rises back to his feet. Nice elbow from St. Pierre. Yet another takedown from St. Pierre. No urgency shown from BJ yet, with only 40 seconds to go. Penn now works for a omaplata, but it's answered with a huge elbow as the third round closes.
Sherdog Score: 10-9 Georges St. Pierre (29-28)

Official Score: (29-28) x 2 (29x28) x 1

Winner: Georges St. Pierre (split decision)

Steve Vigneault (Pictures) vs Mike Swick (Pictures)

Round 1
Fight starts with Swick throwing leather and Steve taking the fight against the cage. Referee Steve Mazzagatti breaks the clinch and restarts. Flying knee from Swick lands on Vigneault, but he secures a leg and scores a single. During the takedown, Swick quickly slaps on a guillotine, causing Steve to tap at 2:09 of round 1.

Winner: Mike Swick (Pictures) 2:09 R1 Submission

Rich Franklin (Pictures) vs David Loiseau

Round 1
Round one starts with Dave throwing plenty of kicks to the head of the champion. Both fighters look very crisp tonight. Rich's standup started clean but he has started to swing wildly. Dave circling while the Rich moves forward. Great action so far. Franklin kicks to the body as he slips. Another nice left kick to Dave's gut. Franklin attacks while "Crow" runs away. Franklin drops Dave with a punch just as the round ends.
Sherdog Score: 10-9 Rich Franklin

Round 2
Dave starts round 2 with a wild spinning back kick that misses. Rich continues to stalk. Crowd boss the "Crow" as he runs away again. Dave is hurt as he retreats to the cage from a right hand. Franklin drops David again but the "Crow" is back to his feet. Franklin dominating here. I have never seen a fighter run like Dave is doing in this fight. Crowd lets him here it again. Rich scores again with a knee to the body. David looks lost. Big inside elbow from Franklin stuns Dave against the cage. Big takedown from Rich as he quickly takes Dave's back and peppers him with punches and elbows.
Sherdog Score: 10-8 Rich Franklin (Very one sided)

Round 3
Two nice kicks to Rich's body but he takes Dave down and advances to mount in mere seconds.The champion now has the challenger's back with double hooks. Huge knot over Dave's eye that requires a doctor's check but he chooses to continue. Out of no-where, Dave drops Rich with a left hook but Rich quickly recovers. Rich back on the attack. Big left hand lead from Rich scores.
Sherdog Score: 10-9 Rich Franklin Overcame knockdown to dominate round.)

Round 4
Dave slips, with the champ taking his back, scoring with right hands to the side of the challenger's head. Huge suplex from Rich. Incredible heart from Dave as he continues with both eyes nearly swollen shut. Nice jab from the champ sends David backwards. Strange contrast in this fight, as Dave was once running away but now is showing tons of heart in continuing the battle. Dave's face is busted up badly as round 4 ends.
Sherdog Score: (10-9) Rich Franklin

Round 5
"Crow" starts the round launching kicks to the body. Franklin scores a takedown and into side-control. The champ now has mounted the challenger. "Crow" rolls over and gives Franklin his back. The champion looks amazingly fresh this far into the fifth round. Dave rises again to his feet only to be flung back to the mat as round 5 is wrapped up. Complete domination by the champion.
Sherdog Score: (10-9) Rich Franklin (50-44)

Official Score: 50-42 50-42 50-43 for Rich Franklin

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