UFC Fight Night 10 Play-by-Play

Sherdog.com reports from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida with live prelim results of UFC Fight Night 10, and play-by-play of the televised card, which is headlined by Sam Stout (Pictures) versus Spencer Fisher (Pictures).

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Luke Caudillo vs. Nate Mohr (Pictures)
Caudillo came out early and put Mohr on the canvas, but the rest of the bout belonged to Mohr, who stayed in the pocket and fought behind a nice jab. Caudillo swung wildly with haymakers, but missed on most.

Fought on the feet the entire time, both men showed signs of the fight on their faces, but it was Mohr whose technique shone through. Judges at ringside saw it 30-27 and 29-28 twice for Mohr, who won by unanimous decision.

Anthony Johnson vs. Chad Reiner
Anthony Johnson made his UFC debut an impressive one, knocking out Chad Reiner in just 13 seconds. After taking a step back as Reiner moved towards him, Johnson landed a crisp uppercut, left hook combination to the chin that dropped Reiner face first to the canvas. Reiner's eyes were open as officials moved in and he remained on the canvas for close to five minutes before finally getting back to his feet. He walked out of the cage with assistance.

Jeff Cox vs. Gleison Tibau (Pictures)
Jeff Cox came out in his lightweight fight looking for a takedown against Gleison Tibau, however he failed to finish it and the Brazilian quickly took his back. Tibau worked patiently from back-control, looking for a rear-naked choke for approximately a minute before Cox tried to escape. While attempting to spin into Tibau's guard, Cox left an arm exposed and Tibau latched on for an arm-triangle choke. After holding on for about 20 seconds, Cox was finally forced to tap at 1:52 of the opening period.

Tamden McCrory vs. Pete Spratt (Pictures)
Veteran welterweight Pete Spratt largely dominated UFC rookie Tamden McCory, outwrestling the six-foot-four newcomer and pounding him with strikes on the canvas for much of the opening round. Spratt took back-control, but fought the majority of the fight from the side. In the second period McCory locked up with Spratt and went for a takedown of his own. However he slipped, and Spratt again took his foe's back, where the Texan kickboxer pounded away and appeared to be on the verge of a stoppage win. Reeling, McCorry spun to his back. Instead of passing to side-control, as he was able to do several times before, Spratt stood up before diving into the lanky welterweight's guard. Almost immediately, McCory locked in a triangle choke and Spratt tapped without much of a fight. The end came at 2:04 of the second period.

Forrest Petz (Pictures) vs. Luigi Fioravanti (Pictures)
Forrest Petz scored a unanimous decision over Luigi Fioravanti in a fight that elicited chants of "boring, boring" from the crowd at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

A close first round with little action led into the second, when Petz connected with punches that hurt Fioravanti. Luigi ran from Petz and instead of cutting off the cage, Petz simply followed his opponent and allowed him time to recover. Outside of a few leg kicks, Fioravanti did little in the fight, for which he had trouble making weight. Final scores at cage-side are 30-27 and 28-28 twice for Petz.

Jason Black (Pictures) vs. Thiago Tavares (Pictures)
Moving down to 155 pounds after fighting at 170 for most of his career, save a fight at 161 in PRIDE, Jason Black faced undefeated Thiago Tavares. The first round saw Tavares control most of the action from dominant positions on the ground with effective grappling and ground and pound. By the end of the frame, Black's right eye was nearly swollen closed from several unanswered elbows.

In the second stanza, using double underhooks, Tavares slammed Black, who is known to be a powerful wrestler, in the center of the octagon. Black quickly swept Tavares and worked for a Kimura, but the Brazilian freed his arm. With Black now in his guard, Tavares popped up his hips and smoothly transitioned to triangle choke. The submission was tight and Black had no option but to tap at 2:49 of round two.

Jordan Radev vs. Andrew McFedries
McFedries lands two wild right hands to kick off the bout. He lands a left and a sharp right uppercut that leave Radev out cold less than a minute into the contest. The official time is 33 seconds of the first frame.

Roan Carneiro (Pictures) vs. Jon Fitch (Pictures)
Round 1
Fitch opens up with a double jab. After throwing a successful low kick, Roan rips him down to the canvas. Fitch is caught in a modified arm-triangle but he escapes to his feet. Roan patiently pushes Fitch against the cage. The action has slowed to a crawl. Carneiro again takes Fitch to the floor. Sherdog.com scores the first round 10-9 for Roan Carneiro.

Round 2
Fitch wraps up with Carnerio and lands a shoulder punch. Fitch backs away and cracks Roan with a left and a right that causes him to fall. Fitch pounds away from the top position. Roan gives up his back while trying to sweep and is quickly submitted via rear naked choke. Impressive victory for Jon Fitch.

Sam Stout (Pictures) vs. Spencer Fisher (Pictures)
Round 1
The fighters trade hard strikes in the opening seconds of the bout. Fisher is teeing off with sharp strikes. Stout answers with a straight left to the body. After landing another left hand, Fisher clinches with Stout against the cage. Now back in the center of the ring, Fisher catches Stout with a right hand. Fisher again cracks Stout with a left hand. And another. Both fighters are bleeding. Stout lands a standing right elbow. Stout steps forward and lands a right head kick. Fisher's right eye is a mess. Stout has found his range as he lands a hard kick to the body at the end of a combination. Fisher rocks Stout with a left hand as the horn sounds to end the round. Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 for Fisher.

Round 2
Fisher lands a straight left to the body. Fisher scores with an inside leg kick. Fisher connects with a hard "superman punch." The fighters clash heads as they stand in the pocket and trade. Stout finally mounts some effective offense in the second frame with 2 leg kicks. Fisher lands a right hand. Stout charges forward and lands a punch-kick combo. Fisher tries to take the action to the floor but Stout has none of it. Sherdog.com scores the second round 10-9 for Fisher.

Round 3
Stout lands a front kick to start the final period. Stout lands a hard straight right. Fisher scores with a left hand as Stout threw a low kick. Fisher bombs away with another straight left. Stout is dropped briefly with a left hand. A tired Fisher checks the round timer to see how much time remains. Both fighters slug away in the final seconds. Sherdog.com scores the contest 30-27 for Spencer Fisher. The judges agree. 30-27 from all three.
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