UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes Suing Twin Brother Regarding Ownership of Tractor

By Tristen Critchfield Mar 13, 2019

Matt Hughes is suing his twin brother over ownership of the tractor that was the center of an alleged assault by the UFC Hall of Famer on his teenage nephew.

According to documents obtained by MMAjunkie.com, Hughes vs. Hughes was filed in Montgomery (Ill.) circuit court on March 5. No monetary damages are named in the suit, but the former welterweight champion wants a judge to determine who owns the farming equimpment and other property he claims is being held at Mark Hughes’ residence.

“At various times in their adult lives, and for the several years last past, the parties have stored farming equipment and other items of personal property at their respective residences and on their respective properties, some of which may have been owned individually and some of which may have been owned by both parties,” reads the complaint.

“The parties have never entered into a written partnership agreement with one another with regard to the ownership and use of such farming equipment and other items of personal property that was or is jointly owned, if any.”

Mark Hughes filed a restraining order against his brother for allegedly getting violent in a dispute over the tractor’s ownership. Mark claims that upon seeing his 15-year-old son driving the tractor on Sept. 23, 2018, Hughes grabbed the boy, shook him and told him that’s his “f—-ing tractor.” Mark also alleges that Hughes doused the tractor in gasoline one week later in an attempt to destroy it.

Additionally, Hughes’ wife, Audra Hughes, filed a separate restraining order against the former fighter, alleging that her husband has attacked her several times since he was injured in an accident while cross train tracks in June 2017.

Hughes has since denied all the allegations in a statement on social media.

“Unfortunately, my marriage was not perfect long before the accident, but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER would I, or have I, physically hurt those who I care about most,” Hughes wrote in a statement on Instagram. “I do not resent those who are trying to hurt me and paint me out to be a monster through these false accusations. I understand now that they are just doing what they need to do in order to rid me of their lives forever so theirs can return to normalcy. I feel awful that my accident turned their world upside-down also.”


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