UFC President Dana White Skeptical of Georges St. Pierre Comeback Talk

By Tristen Critchfield Nov 19, 2015

While renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach recently revealed that Georges St. Pierre planned to try a six-week training camp to test the waters for a potential MMA return, UFC President Dana White isn’t buying it.

“I highly doubt it’s going to happen because GSP’s been off for too long and has a ton of money,” White told the Los Angeles Times. “You don’t do a six-week camp to learn if you have the hunger. You either know it or not. Robbie Lawler knows it, he’s hungry, he trains like an animal. You’re either hungry and an animal or you're not.”

St. Pierre hasn’t fought since taking a hard-fought split verdict over Johny Hendricks to retain his welterweight belt at UFC 167 on Nov. 16, 2013. After the win, St. Pierre was blasted by White for professing a desire to take some time away from the sport. The champion made it official approximately a month later, announcing that he was vacating his title in order to take a leave of absence.

Rumors have swirled over the past two years about a potential GSP return, but nothing has come to fruition as of yet. St. Pierre was one of the Las Vegas-based promotion’s most consistent pay-per-view attractions during his title reign.

White would welcome that kind of star power back to the UFC, but he isn’t holding his breath.

“It’d be great if he comes back, yes, I love Georges St-Pierre -- amazing athlete --but comeback talk? I laugh at it. To be a world champion, you have to be hungry,” White said. “That’s not GSP. Not even close.”


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