Sep 15, 2013
(PRESS RELEASE)- Just three years into creating customized theme music and walkout music for MMA fighters and fight companies around the globe, Fight Music Producer Mikey Rukus has signed a record agreement with Debar Recordings, a division of Debar Holdings Ltd. based out of Orlando, Fl. The agreement includes stateside and international distribution of Rukus’ debut album on digital platforms and manufactured CDs that will ship to Best Buys stores and several other brick and mortar establishments across the US.

The album itself will consist of a collection of some of Mikey’s most notable walkout songs created for many UFC veterans such as Mark Hunt, Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher, as well as Invicta FC veterans such as Atomweight Champion Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson. Along with these songs will be a few of Mikey’s original tracks including one inspired by UFC President Dana White as well as an exclusive track that will only be available on the album.

“This was something that totally came out of left field, wasn’t expecting anything like this. But it’s nice to come across a company that understands what it is I’m trying to do and have the same ideas that I have in terms of extending my brand within the mixed martial arts market. The timing was right, and they are 100% on board with supporting my journey and I am grateful for that.” Rukus says.

The album, easily titled “MMA Fight Music”, will be available on the digital platforms on Tuesday September 17, 2013. It will be found on iTunes, Pandora, Google Play, XBOX Store and other similar outlets. Hard copy CDs will hit store shelves in approximately 6 weeks. The first batch of albums purchased will receive a free Mikey Rukus t-shirt signed by Mikey himself.

Mikey Rukus has worked with over 150 different clients in the MMA industry and created over 200 theme songs in the last 3 years. A true workhorse in assisting companies and fighters alike raise their brand awareness through custom music, Mikey’s passion for storytelling and the sport of MMA has brought this husband and father of 8 children to this point in his music career. Be a part of history, and download your copy of “MMA Fight Music” on 9/17 by the industry’s first ever Fight Music Producer, Mikey Rukus.


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