Lives of Many Touched as XFC Visits LBV During XFCi 9 Fight Week

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Sao Paulo, Brazil: During the week of XFCi 9, executives and fighters of the premier sports organization (XFC) visited Brasil's LBV (Legion of Goodwill). Together they participated in a special afternoon with the children, which included a musical presentation and karate graduation.

XFCi 9, which takes place this Saturday, March 14 at the Gymnasium of São Paulo Futebol Clube, is a major MMA sports event being hosted in the heart of São Paulo. But the XFC is regarded as being known for much more than their great fights. The organizers began their official fight week activities with a heartwarming social action. On Wednesday, Executives and XFC athletes visited the headquarters of the Legion of Good Will (LGW), in São Paulo, and brought joy to more than 300 children at the Educational Complex.

Seven athletes from XFC attended the philanthropy action, five of which will compete at XFCi 9 on Saturday night. Russians Igor Egorov and Julia Berezikova, Belarusian Boris Miroshnichenko, Hungarian Dora Perjes and Brazilian Julie Werner enjoyed the contact with the children, accompanied by fan favorite Vanessa Melo and rising star Willian Cilli. Together they joined XFC Executives: CEO Edward Jung, President Myron Molotky, Matchmaker Eduardo Duarte, Dir. Communications TJ Alcock, Dir. of Marketing Brook Alcock, Dir. of Logistics Renato Freitas, and Presenter Renata Aymore. It was the second time the LBV Educational Complex received the XFC; the first in October 2014.

The afternoon began with a touching performance designed specifically for the occasion by, the LGW choir and symphony consisting of about 50 children from 5 age groups. With instruments such as cellos, flutes, violins and the children singing & using sign language; smiles and applause filled the room. To the delight of the athletes from Eastern Europe, the children even risked a few words in Russian.

Shortly after, the LBV karate class showcased a special martial arts demonstration for the fighters and executives in attendance. Several students were honored as part of their karate graduation, where XFC President Myron Molotky was an honorary guest and presented certificates to the students.

"It is a great pleasure for us to repeat this visit to LGW. Bringing hope and joy to these children is very special for us and for our athletes. In XFC, we have two basic principles, which are integrity and honor. We made sure to pass these fundamentals on to the children, which are important in any situation, not only in sports. We were overwhelmingly delighted with the warm welcome we received and hope to have added value to the LGW purpose, which is to offer children and adolescents education in activities they normally would not have access to," stated Myron Molotky, President of XFC.

The Legion of Good Will is a project created in 1950 by the poet and broadcaster Alziro Zarur and consists of the integral education of children and adolescents through its school system, social and educational programs. The Institute of Education founded by José de Paiva Netto, is headquartered in São Paulo. There are four other branches within Brazil, located in Curitiba (PR), Taguatinga (DF), Bethlehem (PA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) as well as abroad locations in, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina. Martial arts are present in the pedagogical teaching institution.

"It is a great pleasure for us to receive the XFC here at LGW. We offer many educational activities for the children we serve, and the event's presence here has brought a great joy to these children. The values ​​passed on by the XFC agrees with everything we try to convey in our educational activities, and this visit reinforces our daily battle to give these children opportunities they would not normally have," said the pedagogical deputy director of the LGW, Aline Braga.

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