The Gothenburg fighter Domingos Mestre will stand against his toughest opponent so far, the Norwegian Simeon Thoresen

Aug 12, 2013
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Domingos Mestre will take on the Norwegian Simeon Thoresen in front of his home crowd at Superior Challenge 9 on November 23 at Scandinavium in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg’s Domingos who soon turns 28 will take on the toughest opponent of his carrier so far at Superior Challenge 9. The Portuguese born Mestre has fought a total of 16 pro MMA bouts including 11 wins and he will take on the former UFC fighter from Norway, Simeon Thoresen. Simeon has fought 21 pro MMA bouts of which 17 of them are wins. The 29-year-old “The Grin’s” last win was over no other than Gothenburg’s own Besam Yousef.

Babak Aghavali, CEO Superior Group International: - I have followed Domingos career for quite some time now and he is constantly evolving. I met Simeon first time in 2006 when I visited Joachim Hansen in Norway, and after a hard sparring session consisting of 2 hours of Ground and Pound Joachim turned to me as he pointed at Simeon and said "if you want a real talent, keep your eyes on that guy." Both Domingos and Simeon are experienced and talented athletes and style wise very similar. Therefore it’s a very even and interesting matchup of highest quality. The winner of the bout will have the opportunity to qualify for a Welterweight title shot. I hope the bout turns in to an intensive MMA-grappling match with a lot of scramble and submission attempts, but regardless I know that it will be a very entertaining bout.

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Superior Challenge: Superior Challenge is one of the world's largest MMA promotions, which produces high quality, and adrenalin-full sports entertainment for the MMA audience around the world. The organization has many years of experience in MMA and broad knowledge of the industry, and is internationally recognized as one of the world's premier MMA shows. Superior Challenge is among five MMA promotions in the world with top 20 internationally ranked fighters competing at the events. The first event in 2008, broke the record attendance for all MMA events in Scandinavia and since then a total of eight events have been produced, and the record have been broken three times, and the last time was at Superior Challenge 8 on October 6th in a packed Malmö Arena in Sweden. That event is estimated to have had a PR value equivalent to 17 million SEK gross, in Sweden alone. The Live TV broadcast of the show also broke the all time record rating for all Nordic martial arts TV programs. In addition to nationwide TV broadcasts in Sweden, Superior Challenge shows are broadcasted in most parts of the world. Superior Challenge is part of Superior Group International along with Superior Wear, Superior Gear, Superior Productions, and Superior Management. Thus, the organization is one of the world's biggest MMA groups, with operations starting in 2005. Since then the company has invested incredible resources in the Swedish MMA market, which has resulted in the current Swedish MMA market. The organization is also the largest Nordic exporter of MMA athletes, and consequently puts great importance on creating Swedish heroes and MMA athletes.

Some athletes who have competed at the events: Alexander Gustafsson, Joachim Hansen, Thales Leites, Jeremy Horn, Marcus Davis, Rich Clementi, Junie Browning, Daniel Acacio, Reza Madadi, Tor Troéng, Papy Abedi, Hamid ”Akira” Corassani, Magnus Cedenblad, Sami Aziz, David Bielkheden, Carlo Prater, James McSweeney etc.
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