Rewind Look Back: Clyde Gentry UFC 1-5

Oct 15, 2013

With the 20th anniversary of the first Ultimate Fighting Championship fast approaching, the Sherdog Radio Network "Rewind" is endeavoring to create a definitive audio guide to how the sport got to where it is today.

In a series of "SRN Rewind: Look Back" special reports, host Jack Encarnacao will chat with authorities on mixed martial arts about each and every UFC event.

The mission launches with Clyde Gentry, author of the seminal MMA history book "No Holds Barred: Evolution," who has done more original reporting than anyone on the formative days of the sport. In a wide-ranging, two-part conversation, Gentry details the formation of the UFC and the company's first 10 events, from Gracie v. Gordeau to Coleman v. Frye.

Don't miss this deep dive into the UFC's birth. Catch "SRN Rewind: Look Back - UFC 1-10," available for download here.

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