Nick Browne Hoping for a Golden Career Shift

Jan 9, 2021

Winning a Legacy Fighting Alliance title has become a golden ticket into realizing Ultimate Fighting Championship dreams. It is often a paradigm shift where athletes can transition from being a part-time fighter with multiple side hustles into a full-time prizefighter. Nick Browne hopes to make that shift on Jan. 16 at LFA 97 when he tries to grasp the brass ring that is the LFA lightweight title from opponent, and 11-year veteran, Arthur Estrazulas.

“I work in new house construction. Top to bottom framing from the floor to the roof. [Lost] sleep definitely becomes of a part of it. Trying to make it straight here [to the gym] from work. Getting my hours in, teach classes and run the gym. It is a grind until you can establish yourself as a top fighter, making that money, and quit that to make the gym the nine-to-five [job],” Browne told Sherdog. “They say every fight’s your biggest, but this is the biggest opportunity where I can gain afterwards if I win it. Well, when I win it. It’s what I’m looking to, to push me through the door to the next-level.”

Along with talking the daily grind to achieve his dreams, Browne also spoke in-depth on his matchup with Estrazulas and the possible ground battle between the two Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts.

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