Yael Grauer

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Yael Grauer is a freelance writer and editor based in the Twin Cities. She covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from health and wellness, physical fitness and food and nutrition to social issues and, of course, mixed martial arts. Her work has appeared in various magazines, including Experience Life, Black Belt, Ultimate MMA and Bitch Magazine. She has also written for several websites, including T-Nation, Fightergirls and MMA HQ, and works as a food blogger for City Pages’ Hot Dish. Additionally, Yael serves as the managing editor of the Performance Menu: Journal of Health and Athletic Excellence. She also works with small businesses and creative entrepreneurs on search engine optimization, copywriting and communications. When not on the job, Yael enjoys cooking Paleo meals, cycling, hiking, gardening, training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and lifting heavy things. She loves folk music and can often be found scouting out independent bookstores and cafes. Readers can follow Yael on twitter at @yaelwrites or check out her website and blog at yaelwrites.com.

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