Sato, Sugawara Victorious at Shooting Disco 10

By Tony Loiseleur Sep 20, 2009
TOKYO -- Yoichiro Sato took a questionable technical knockout win over Yoshitaro Niimi in the Shooting Disco 10 “Twist & Shooto” main event on Sunday at Shinjuku Face.

Niimi was eager to get in and throw hands with Sato, but his lunging punches only earned him stiff left hooks and right straight counters from Sato. Though Niimi got the fight down briefly, the punches combined with the hard low kicks that Sato slammed into Niimi’s legs left little doubt by the end of the first frame that Sato was in control.

Round two saw more of Sato’s devastating low kicks in concert with crisp one-two and three-punch combinations to Niimi’s face. The punishment piled up. Niimi doing little to evade or counter apparently made referee Toshiharu Suzuki uncomfortable. As a result, he called the bout shortly thereafter at the 2:16 mark, with both fighters still on their feet and Niimi still fully cognizant.

Meanwhile, Masaaki Sugawara’s relentless forward momentum edged Hiroyuki Tanaka on the scorecards in a split decision win.

Tanaka secured several takedowns in the first round, but he did nothing with them, as Sugawara returned to his feet and continued to push forward with tireless barrages. Tanaka’s best efforts revolved around his ability to land single counter punches and low kicks on the incoming Sugawara, earning him a 30-28 nod on judge Suzuki’s card. However, Sugawara’s aggression and relentlessness convinced judge Hiroyuki Kanno and referee Taro Wakabayashi to give him 30-28 and 29-28 scores for the split verdict.

It was not the only hotly contested battle at the show.

Katsuya Murofushi took a majority decision over Takeshi Sato, as he controlled him on the mat and threatened with submissions.

The first stanza saw Sato survive and keep his knee intact after a reverse heel hook attempt from Murofushi. In the second frame, Sato took top position and delivered some hard punches, but Murofushi controlled him off his back, eventually reversed the position and dropped punches of his own from the top. The work earned him his second win in as many fights.

Another bout ended in a stalemate, as Takahiro Hosoi and Naohiro Mizuno fought to a majority draw after two rounds.

Mizuno pursued Hosoi and dictated on the feet with crisp combinations and counter punches. However, Hosoi dropped the Purebred fighter with a quick left hook toward the end of the round. Mizuno recovered quickly to reassert control in the second frame. Despite using head movement to evade Hosoi’s punches, Mizuno had little defense for Hosoi’s endless low kicks in the second period, as the match ended with business unfinished.

Elsewhere, Kenta Takagi banged his way to a TKO stoppage against Hirosumi Sugiura in a sloppy but crowd-pleasing bout.

Takagi got the best of the exchanges in the first round, as he countered Sugiura effectively and threw in several flashy high kicks and lunging knees. Takagi appeared to be in for a repeat performance in the second frame, but Sugiura bloodied up his nose with dirty boxing, temporarily turning the tables. Winded and unable to finish, however, Takagi landed a hard right counter that put down Sugiura. He pursued his fallen foe on the ground and eventually into a corner with strikes; Wakabayashi stepped in to save Sugiura at the 3:30 mark.

Finally, Kenji Hosoya and Hiroaki Ijima split two rounds for a unanimous draw.

Though Ijima started strong -- he took down Hosoya and captured mount -- Hosoya quickly turned the tide with a reversal and rag-dolled Iijima on the mat, attempting a kimura from half guard. The second period saw a less reckless Iijima go for leg locks and stifle Hosoya’s attempt at takedowns and reversals on the canvas.

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