Preview: Dream 7


By Jordan Breen Mar 5, 2009
With his 117-second spanking of Leonard Garcia, divisional ruler Mike Thomas Brown not only retained his WEC featherweight title and 145-pound mantle, but he kicked off the month in style. Not just any old month, either.

The featherweight division has roared to prominence over the last two years. With that rise to combative consciousness, it seems everything is called the "biggest something-or-other in featherweight history."

However, make no mistake, March '09 is more than certainly the biggest month ever for MMA's most unnecessarily neglected division.

Brown set the tempo for the weeks to come, which will feature the starts of two splendid 16-man featherweight tournaments across the Pacific. Dream's featherweight (which for unfortunate reasons, parent company Fighting and Entertainment Group believes is 139 pounds instead of 145 pounds) grand prix is the first of the two, with a bracket that opens Sunday at the Saitama Super Arena.
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