Under the Microscope: Analyzing Middleweight Greats

Analyzing Middleweight Greats

By Eric Stinton May 6, 2015

Editor’s note: This is the third installment in a five-part series examining the best of the best in each of the five major MMA weight classes.

The middleweight division has played host to some of the greatest highs and lows the sport has ever seen. From challenger droughts and substance issues to iconic champions and scintillating performances, the 185-pound class -- dubbed the welterweight division in Pride Fighting Championships -- has been consistently volatile. There is, however, no shortage of characters in the middleweight ranks, making it arguably -- and yes, please argue about it -- the most dynamic collection of personalities to line up for “Greatest of All-Time” consideration.

As was the case in the previous editions, only fights that occurred at middleweight were taken into account; and only fights in major organizations or against elite-level opponents factor into the statistics, sans longest overall win streak, which did not add up logistically since several fighters on this list jumped around in weight class. Using those numbers, we vouch for each fighter as the best to ever do it and then go on to give the devil the reigns and advocate against the very arguments we just made. All this to spur the endless debate of who deserves to be considered the Greatest of All-Time at 185 pounds.

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