Amanda Ribas Claims Innocence Following USADA Suspension for Failed Drug Test

By Joao Baptista Jan 11, 2018
Amanda Ribas on Wednesday received a two-year suspension from USADA due to a positive test for the banned substance ostarine in an out-of-competition urine sample.

In an official statement sent by the athlete to the press on Thursday, the Brazilian fighter vowed to be innocent and not to have consciously doped herself. However, Ribas reported that in tests on the supplements and medicines she consumed the banned substance found was clenbuterol, not ostarine.

Ribas’ full statement is as follows:

Recently the steroid ostarine was found in one of my examinations conducted by the USADA organization before my UFC debut.

I am an expert on this type of product. I was an athlete of the Brazilian Judo team, a professional MMA teacher and I always went completely against this kind of thing.

My manager, my trainer and I put together all the supplements and remedies that I used and sent them to USADA for testing.

I have never used performance enhancing drugs, and I did not know what the substance was until then.

After spending a lot of money on the tests, which are paid for by the athlete, we have learned that ostarine was not found. But what was found was clenbuterol, a substance that, although not appearing in my anti-doping tests, is also classified as illegal.

I feel extremely humiliated for paying for something I did not do.

The appearance of clenbuterol in one of the supplements previously used by me shows the poor quality and monitoring of some manufacturers of this type of product. It happened to me, as well as other Brazilian athletes.

I want to declare my innocence here, and leave an immense warning to all other professional athletes in Brazil about the risk that this type of consumption presents to our lives and careers. I will take the mission to alert everyone.

I'm going to continue the strong training to go in search of my UFC belt.

Ribas won’t be eligible to return until June 7, 2019. She was scheduled to make her UFC debut against Juliana Lima at “The Ultimate Fighter 25” finale on July 7.

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