Carlo Bumina-ang Taps Chayan Oorzhak at ONE Friday Fights 65, Nets $100K Contract

Surging bantamweight Carlo Bumina-ang made quick work of Chayan Oorzhak and secured his fifth ONE Championship victory in a ONE Friday Fights 65 bantamweight showcase on Friday at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bumina-ang (5-0, 5-0 ONE) came out with guns blazing and was quick to floor his opponent with a straight left before slamming him to the canvas and unleashing a barrage of strikes from mount. Oorzhak (8-3, 3-1 ONE), now leaking blood from the top of his face thanks to the assault, was quick to scramble and offer his back to Bumina-ang. However, the Russian proved to be crafty on the ground and was wise to Bumina-ang’s submission attacks. With less than a minute left in the frame and no submission in sight, Bumina-ang chose to stand up and engage with his opponent on the feet, landing several jarring kicks to the head and body to end the round.

Round 2 saw Bumina-ang drop Oorzhak with another straight left within the first minute. Nevertheless, Oorzhak managed to avoid a ground-and-pound assault and made it back to his feet, only to be caught with a series of left hands once again, eventually submitting to a ninja choke at 2:39 in the second frame.

Meanwhile, Ryosuke Honda (13-4, 2-1 ONE) walked away with a hard-fought unanimous decision over Ryosuke Noda (6-4,0-1 ONE) in a three-round strawweight clash.

Round 1 saw both competitors feel each other out before engaging in a war that saw Honda drop Noda with a blitzing straight left. Although Honda managed to control Noda on the canvas for the rest of the round, the 28-year-old kept working from bottom to avoid being submitted, narrowly escaping a guillotine attempt towards the dying seconds of the frame.

Unfortunately for Noda, Round 2 did not see things change for him. Honda was quick to catch a head kick attempt and made him pay for it by taking him to the canvas, drowning him with the same pressure and control for most of the stanza. Despite considerable success on the feet thanks to his kick-first-and-punch-after approach, Noda was unable to land significant damage on Honda in the third frame. A visibly exhausted Honda made sure to stay on his toes in the final round, occasionally catching Noda with a check right hook despite dealing with two unintentional headbutts and eating a couple of head kicks from his adversary. In the end, Honda finished the bout on top of Noda, attempting to unload all the damage he could before the final bell.

The rest of the card was contested under muay thai rules. In the main event, Jaosuayai Mor Krungthepthonburi knocked out Puengluang Baanramba 2:11 into the first frame of their flyweight clash; Petphupa Aekpujean walked away with a unanimous decision over Longern Sor Sommai in their 130-pound bout; Watcharaphon PK Saenchai stopped Petnumkhum Phundakratanaburi 2:04 into their 119-pound catchweight meeting; Tahaneak Nayokatasala knocked out Petnongnoey Nokkhao KorMor11 2:17 into the first frame of their 119-pound tilt; ManU Sitjanim earned a hard-fought unanimous decision against Jongangsuk Sor Theppitak in their 132-pound catchweight meeting; Samransing Sitchalongsak knocked out Jingreedtong Kelasport 28 seconds into Round 2 of their 128-pound catchweight muay thai bout; Abdulla Dayakaev fought his way to a majority decision over Avatar PK Saenchai in their 147-pound clash; Dmitriy Kireev secured a unanimous decision against Tun Min Aung in his promotional debut at featherweight; Zhang Jinhu returned to his winning ways with a unanimous decision over Soichiro Arata at flyweight; and Hao Shuai Secured a unanimous decision against Shiga Masahiro in their 118-pound catchweight meeting.

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