Chase Sherman Says He Was Offered Spot on the Contender Series This Summer

By Cole Shelton Aug 9, 2019

Ever since Chase Sherman was released from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he swore he was going to fight as often as he could.

So far, Sherman has done just that, fighting three times already this year, and plans to make it four when he takes on Arnold Adams at BKFC 7. Although he is fighting for the BKFC title, he still is focusing on re-signing with the UFC.

Even though he had a tough run in the promotion going 2-5 with three knockout losses, the organization is still interested in his services. He revealed that matchmaker Mick Maynard offered him a spot on Dana White's Contender Series that he had to turn down.

"I want to get my f****g job back. I've fought like that before I got to the UFC, too. It is what it is, I need to make money so I fight often. If I'm healthy I'm fighting. Mick offered me a fight on the Contender Series this summer but I had to turn it down because I've been in the middle of the fire academy. So, I just finished that, so I'm officially a firefighter now," Sherman told "For me, with the Contender Series, I can quit this job, which will be a stable job, and go fight one fight and even if I win I don't know if I have a job. So, the risk-benefit isn't there. I told that to Mick and he understood, and I said, 'as soon as you offer a contract, I'm there. Until then I'm just going to fight.' He told me I made a smart decision and need to provide for my family."

Right now, however, he is focusing on fighting Adams for the belt on Saturday. He is confident in his skills and expects to win it and bring the Police Gazette belt back home.

"It is exciting. Really, what peaks my interest more than anything is the history behind the Police Gazette belt that is on the line and its ties to Mississippi," he concluded. "The history behind it, man, the lineage it comes from and what it means. A lot of people don’t understand, it is cool to fight for that and hopefully bring it back to where it started."


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