Colby Covington: Fight With Kamaru Usman is 'Set in Stone'

By Natalie Zamudio Jun 24, 2019
Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington (14-1) is confident that his next fight will be a championship tilt against Kamaru Usman. The current titleholder won the strap in March by soundly defeating Tyron Woodley at UFC 235, and Covington tells MMA Junkie that the UFC has promised him the next title shot.

"I haven't been told an exact date of when I'm gonna be fighting, but I have been told that 100% I am next. I will be fighting 'Marty Fake Newman,' also known as Kamaru Usman, next," declared Covington.

As to why the fight has yet to be booked, "Chaos" claims that his future opponent is using various excuses to delay the showdown. "The thing with him is, he's trying to find a different injury each week," Covington said. "One week it's his hernia, the next week it's his leg, now he's trying to say some other stuff. He's literally the Woodley 2.0. He's taking all of Woodley's tricks."

The champ has previously insisted that Covington must "beg" to fight him, but the 31-year-old Florida resident balks at the notion that Usman has any say in the matter. "It is set in stone. He has no power; he's probably the least liked champion in the history of the sport," Covington said.

"There's no begging. The UFC promised me, Dana White, Hunter [Campbell], all those guys over at UFC brass. They said I'm next, so I'm waiting patiently when he stops faking injuries and we can unify these belts."
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