Georges St. Pierre Confirms Dana White Vetoed Triller Boxing Match vs. Oscar De La Hoya

By Tristen Critchfield May 19, 2021

Georges St. Pierre recently had an opportunity to return to the combat sports world, but it was apparently nixed by UFC president Dana White.

The former UFC two-division champion confirmed in an interview with Cinema Blend that he was in talks for a boxing match against former world champion Oscar De La Hoya under the Triller banner. Unfortunately, St. Pierre remains under contract with the UFC, which kept him from seriously pursuing that option.

Rumors of the bout initially came to light when Triller CEO Ryan Kavanagh called out White, offering a $250,000 donation to the charity of the UFC president’s choice if he allowed St. Pierre to fight. While St. Pierre is no longer interested in resuming his MMA career, he was intrigued by the possibility of a boxing match with De La Hoya.

“I understand that Dana didn’t want me to fight,” St. Pierre said. “However, it would have been fun. Because my career as a professional fighter, to become the best in the world in mixed martial arts, is done. I’m turning 40 years old tomorrow; I’m going to be 40 years old. It’s a young man’s game. However, to rather fight a boxing match under the rules that Triller put on against the legendary Oscar De La Hoya? For me, it would have been a dream come true, because he is my second favorite boxer of all time, behind ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard.

“Plus, a lot of the money made would have been given to charity. So it would have been for a good cause, just to show that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. And it would have been serious competition because you say, I play basketball, I play hockey, but you don’t ‘play’ fighting. It would have been fun.”

St. Pierre hasn’t stepped into the Octagon since defeating Michael Bisping at UFC 217 to claim the middleweight crown. He later vacated the title and retired from MMA in 2019, though his name has been mentioned as a possible opponent for Khabib Nurmagomedov over the past couple years. While that bout never came to fruition, St. Pierre felt like he could be reasonably competitive against a past-his-prime De La Hoya in the Sweet Science.

“I don’t have the audacity to pretend that I’m better boxer that Oscar De La Hoya was because, when he was in his prime, he’s one of the best that’s ever done it and I come from a different sport,” St. Pierre said. “But, take it now because of where we are in our lives.

“I think it would have been a good matchup between him and I because he’s older than me. Yeah, of course he has a lot more experience than me in boxing. But I’m younger, I’m a little bit bigger. So I think it would’ve made it a pretty even matchup. It could have been fun.”

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