Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 ‘Leave No Doubt’ Play-by-Play, Results & Round Scoring

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Undercard Results:

Amanda Serrano (133.8) def. Miriam Gutierrez (133.6) via Unanimous Decision
Deron Williams (211.2) def. Frank Gore (209.6) via Split Decision
Liam Paro (139.4) def. Yomar Alamo (139) via Split Decision
Chris Avila (166.4) def. Anthony Taylor (167.8) via Majority Decision
J'Leon Love (197) def. Marcus Oliveira (198.6) via Unanimous Decision
Jeovanny Estela (149.6) def. Chris Rollins (149.4) via Unanimous Decision

Jake Paul (191.4) vs. Tyron Woodley (189.6)

Round 1

On a day that saw a KSW event with 2 championships on the line and the final UFC event of 2021, the biggest fight is a rematch between 24 year-old Youtube superstar Jake Paul, who has become a decent professional boxer, sporting a record of 4-0, with 3 knockouts, and 39 year-old former UFC welterweight kingpin Tyron Woodley, who was being discussed as the best welterweight ever as recently as early 2019. Woodley's only professional boxing match was his split decision loss to Jake Paul, making him 0-1. Paul is a solid favorite to win again, at -282 last I checked. Referee Christopher Young will supervise the bout. Woodley starts out pumping the jab, but he is out of range. He partially connects on an overhand right, however. Paul is being patient and dancing in and out of range. Paul tries a right cross that Woodley easily avoids. Woodley tries a 1-2 but Paul dances outside of range. Paul jabs and then tries a right hook, but it's all easily blocked. Paul scores with a right hook to the body and then clinches. Paul misses a jab and they soon clinch again, with Woodley hitting to the body before the break. Paul goes on the inside and scores a little with a right hook. Now it's Paul hitting inside the clinch before the separation. Paul blocks a few Woodley jabs and then connects to the body. They soon clinch again and both men now try to land whatever punches they can as it gets chippy. Woodley throws a telegraphed right cross that is blocked. Paul connects with a jab to the body. Woodley misses a right cross as they once again clinch to end the stanza. Very hard to score this, but Paul was cleaner. 10-9 Paul.

Round 2

Paul paws, but then retreats before a Woodley 1-2. Paul then throws a hard overhand right that gets through, the first power punch that connected of the contest. They clinch but soon separate. On the break Woodley just grabs Paul and starts more dirty boxing. Paul now partially gets a 1-2 through. Paul paws with the jab, but Woodley doesn't punish him. They now trade punches at short range and naturally, clinch again, holding and hitting excessively, which the referee isn't putting a stop to. Paul misses a jab and they clinch again, trading punches there yet again. Paul has his right cross blocked, but gets a jab through. Paul throws a somewhat wild left hook with his head down, but it lands. Paul opens up with a combination late in the round and it lands. This is a very clear round. 10-9 Paul.

Round 3

Woodley tries some punches, but he is nowhere near the distance. Paul, meanwhile, scores on a pair of right crosses. Woodley clinches and they clash heads, resulting in a cut on the top of Paul's head. Suddenly, Woodley lands a hard right cross and then a second one as the crowd comes alive. Paul soon responds however, with a jab, left hook, into right cross combo. After Paul misses another punch, Woodley clinches as the referee yells "no, no, no!". Woodley tries his patented right cross, but it's mostly blocked. Woodley tries a few jabs followed by that same right cross, but Paul is expecting it and ducks under. Paul has his jab blocked, but Woodley isn't able to score, either. A close round, but I give it to Woodley. 10-9 Woodley.

Round 4

Paul opens up with punches to start the stanza, but they're all blocked. He does, however, connect with a right hand to the body. Paul paws a jab that is well short. They come forward and clinch again, with each man punching while holding. Woodley comes forward and scores with a left uppercut on the inside. They clinch, naturally, and are soon separated. Woodley goes for a 1-1-2, but it's all either blocked or avoided. They clinch again before being separated. Paul comes forward, misses a jab, and then Woodley picks him up and takes him down in an obvious foul. The crowd cheers, anyways. They then go right back to clinching and each man punches the other to the side. Paul goes for a 1-2-1, but Woodley ducks under. Woodley misses a 1-2 and they clinch again, as Paul is taking some deep breathes. Woodley misses a straight right over the top. An ugly, foul-plagued round. 10-10.

Round 5

Woodley throws a few tentative jabs, and none land. After he crashes the pocket, there is another clinch and the ref is a little quicker to step in. Paul pops Woodley with a jab before they inevitably clinch again. Paul throws a couple of jabs that are blocked, but does touch Woodley to the body with a right cross. Woodley lands an uppercut on the inside before another clinch. They then clinch yet again, clanging heads hard. Woodley misses a 1-2 and then Paul misses some tired punches, before clinching again. They are separated before, what else? Clinching again. Woodley comes forward and Paul clinches with him. Paul lands a right cross to the body. They clinch to end the round. 10-9 Paul.

Round 6

They begin the sixth round and immediately clinch. Paul feints but doesn't throw. Woodley comes forward and they clinch yet again. Woodley partly scores on a jab and Paul partly scores with a short right on the inside. Woodley scores with a mostly clean short right, the most action we've seen in a long time here. Paul fires a 1-2-1 but all are blocked. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Paul throws a perfect short overhand right that absolutely clocks Tyron Woodley, dropping him like a sack of potatoes, completely unconscious. Wow! What a boring fight concluded by an amazing, blistering knockout. Woodley finally wakes up after a good 30 seconds, having no clue where he even is.

The Official Result

Jake Paul def. Tyron Woodley via KO (Overhand Right) at 2:12 of Round 6


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