Lashley-Strikeforce Deal Nears

By Loretta Hunt Oct 29, 2009
Can an athlete thrive with two mistresses?

At the moment, Bobby Lashley seems to think so, as he's pursued dual careers in MMA and pro wrestling over the last year. However, the former amateur wrestler understands there will come a moment of choice. Just how soon that moment arrives will be determined by Lashley's next deal, which is looking more like a multi-fight contract each day.

In this exclusive video interview, Lashley describes just how he balances MMA training and fighting with his role as a TNA Wrestling star, how negotiations with Strikeforce and the UFC have or haven't progressed and how he isn't like Brock Lesnar.

Lashley also reveals just how close he came to making his Strikeforce debut on the upcoming CBS-televised event on Nov. 7 in Chicago.

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