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Feb 25, 2011's Rob King will report from the River Cree Resort & Casino, Enoch, Alberta, Canada, at approximately 9:05 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of MFC 28. Ryan Jimmo and Dwayne Lewis will headline the bill.

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Paapa Inkumsah vs. Brendan Kornberger
Round 1
Inkumsah starts the fight with an overhand left and Kornberger gets underneath the shot and brings the fight into the clinch in the corner before securing the takedown. Kornberger sets up shop on top, and is picking and choosing his shots on top. He quickly scrambles around Inkumsah's legs and takes back control, looking for the rear-naked choke. Inkumsah getting his ears boxed while he fights off the submission. Inkumsah manages to roll over and get back into guard just as the round comes to a close. sees the opening round 10-9 for Kornberger.

Round 2
Kornberger starts the second round with a right-left combo along the ropes that stuns Inkumsah. He quickly shoots and gets another takedown, but doesn't stop there. Kornberger keeps moving, rolling through and getting back control again, with both men sitting on the mat. Once again, he sets about working for the rear-naked choke, punching methodically and choosing his shots well. Inkumsah is trying to save himself by rolling over and giving up full mount, but his foe wants no part of it. Kornberger continues to push Inkumsah's body back down, clinging to back control for the entire round. sees the opening frame 10-9 again for Brendan Kornberger.

Round 3
The third frame begins with a repeat of the first two, with Kornberger ducking underneath Inkumsah's punches to secure a takedown, this time to side mount along the ropes. A series of short elbows force Inkumsah to roll over and give his back once again. This time around, he is on the receiving end of some heavy left hands from the former University of British Columbia third baseman. With 90 seconds to go and in firm control of the fight, Kornberger seems content to ride out the fight on the back. Referee Vern Gorman calls for a last-second restart on the feet, but it's moot as the horn sounds. Sherdog scores the round 10-9 and 30-27 overall for Brendan Kornberger.

All three judges -- Bill Warwick, John Braak, and Brian Beauchamp -- all score the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Brendan Kornberger.

Dan Ring vs. Garret Nybakken
Round 1
The fight opens with both fighters shooting a series of jabs at the chin of the other. They clinch up in the corner, and Nybakken gets the leg trip and ends up in Ring's guard. The two are repositioned to the center of the ring by referee Brian Beauchamp and Nybakken lands a clean shot right off the restart. Ring sits up from the bottom and sticks his head right inside a guillotine attempt, but he manages to sweep through and take full mount. He postures up and connects with a series of punches and elbows that force Nybakken to expose his back. Ring now looks for the rear-naked choke, and Nybakken is absorbed in fighting off the choke attempt as the round comes to a close. scores the first round 10-9 for Dan Ring.

Round 2
Nybakken starts the second round with a "Superman" punch but Ring shoots underneath the attempt to score the takedown. Nybakken tries to scramble out, but Ring jumps on his back and sinks his hooks in. Ring patiently waits for Nybakken's next to open up, and when it does, he quickly slaps on a rear-naked choke. Nybakken is stuck, and is forced to tap out at 2:21 of the second round.

Robert Washington vs. Tyrone Glover
Round 1
Washington lands a clean right cross that forces Glover to get in on a single-leg, but Washington shuts it down successfully, and stands up after Glover tries to pull guard. Washington feints, and steps into a low kick, and Glover wisely changes levels and takes him down. As Glover tries to pass, Washington pops back up, and Glover momentarily controls with a front headlock, but the H.I.T. Squad rep frees himself. Glover throws a low kick and shoots another single-leg takedown, pushing Washington into the ropes and sucking him to the mat. Washington tries to kick him away, and Glover steps over his leg and looks for a kneebar. Washington leans up against the ropes, and slickly yanks his leg out, but Glover puts him back on the mat. "T-Money" gets to side control with 20 seconds left in the round and looks for a keylock before the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Glover
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Glover
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Glover

Round 2
Washington circles away from Glover as the corporate lawyer-stroke-fighter walks him down, feinting. The pair cross right hands that graze one another. Glover drops a leg kick in on Washington, and tries to jump in with a right, but Washington counters with a cross of his own. Tentative opening two minutes to the second frame. Glover steps in on a kick that lands high on Washington's torso. Referee John Braask implores the pair to engage. Washington seems cautious, wary of another Glover takedown, as the River Cree crowd begins to boo. A Glover kick gets caught, and Washington cracks him, and then kicks his leg out and takes top position. As Washington pounces, Glover immediately looks for an armbar, and then switches to a triangle. Washington snakes his hand behind the knee to relieve some of the pressure, but he's still danger with 45 seconds left. Washington buries his head in Glover's stomach, and Glover rakes him with elbows to the scalp as the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Glover
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Glover
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Glover

Round 3
Washington lands a clean right hand to start the third round, but Glover circles away, and Washington is idle again. Washington paws with a jab and lead hook that don't connect. Washington jabs and throws a body kick, and Glover looks for another single-leg off of the strike, but Washington limplegs free. More feinting, and pawing with lead punches. The crowd lets out a round of boos as the pace slows again. Glover continues to walk Washington down, but neither man commits any strikes. Washington sneaks in two grazing right hands. Glover steps into a kick and cracks Washington on the outside of the thigh. With 10 seconds to go, Washington charges forward on Glover and gets a clean double-leg takedown at the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-10 (30-28 Glover)
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Washington (29-28 Glover)
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Washington (29-28 Glover)

Judge Bill Warwick scores the fight 29-28 for Robert Washington. However, judges Brian Beauchamp and Vern Gorman score the fight 29-28 for the winner by split decision, and still undefeated, Tyrone Glover.

Emanuel Newton vs. Rodney Wallace
Round 1
Newton starts the bout with a head kick that Wallace blocks. Newton kicks again, and Wallace catches the kick and steps in on a deep trip, putting him on the mat. Newton tries to scramble, and Wallace expertly snakes up his back and gets his hooks in. High on the back, Wallace locks up a kimura, and tries to wrench it behind Newton's back. Newton frees himself, but Wallace throws up a triangle, which Newton weakly slams out of, and sets up in guard. Wallace pins the former MFC champ's arms to his chest, and Newton pulls him up off the mat and slams him into the canvas. Wallace switches his hips and looks for a kneebar momentarily, but Newton gets his leg out and drops a heavy right. Wallace continues shifting his hips from the bottom, looking for a submission as Newton dives in and out of his guard with right hands. Newton continues to thump his right hand into Wallace's face from full guard. "The Hardcore Kid" stands up in Ali-Inoki position and drives back into guard with another hard right. Newton slams Wallace again, and the UFC vet searches for another armbar, but Newton pulls his arm out. Newton cracks Wallace again, and gets a front headlock as the horn sounds on a fun, active round.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Newton
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Newton
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Newton

Round 2
Newton steps in on a one-two, and Wallace clinches and throws a hard knee to the body. Newton with two knees to the body, and momentarily gets a hip throw, but Wallace stands back up and cracks Newton with a right hook. More clinching along the ropes follows, and Newton is active with body knees again. Overhand right lands for Newton, and Wallace responds with a four-punch combination that hits air. Stiff jab from "Sho Nuff the Master." Newton stuffs a single-leg, and gets an inside trip into the North Carolina native's half guard. Wallace looks for an armbar, and Newton stands up and dives back in with another hot right hand. Axe kick to the body by Newton, and another lunging right. Wallace scrambles as Newton hits the mat, but "The Hardcore Kid" leaps onto his back and locks up the rear-naked choke. He doesn't sink his hooks, but his squeeze is tight, and Wallace is forced to tap. The former MFC champ earns the submission win at 4:34 of the second round.

Sheldon Westcott vs. Thomas Denny
Round 1
Wetscott quickly shoots in and take Denny to the ground where he unloads with a barrage of heavy blows from top position. He stacks the Californian up in the corner and continues the beatdown before briefly looking for a guillotine. It's all Westcott so far. The hometown prospect quickly takes the fight back to the ground when Denny tries to stand up and manages to work to side control. The action slows as Westcott looks to pick and choose his shots and submission attempts but loses his balance and the fight briefly returns to the feet. However, Westcott simply throws Denny to the floor and then follows him down with heavy blows looking to get a stoppage. Westcott attempts another guillotine with every ounce of his energy, locking up the head, and passing to mount. The St. Albert native crushes his hips down and cranks Denny's head, but the veteran manages to last until the bell after five minutes of punishment.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-8 Westcott
Rob King scores the round 10-8 Westcott
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-8 Westcott

Round 2
Westcott opens the second with a right hand that sends Denny off balance and puts the fight on the mat. Westcott is caught in a loose guillotine and he gives a thumbs up to ref John Braak to let him know he is alright. Upon escaping the submission attempt, he finds himself in half guard along the ropes. He counters with a submission attempt of his own before weakly trying to put Denny's arm behind his back. An overanxious Westcott allows Denny to scamble and gives up position allowing the pink-haired "Wildman" to take his back and work for the rear-naked choke. Westcott does a good job of controlling Denny's arms and manages to finally roll through into full guard and again pin him back in the corner of the ring as the round comes to an end.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Denny
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Denny
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Denny

Round 3
Both guys are sucking wind to start the third round. Denny quickly gets the fight on the floor and finds himself on his opponent's back and locks in a tight body triangle. The young Canadian is doing a good job of controlling Denny's hands while the well-traveled veteran is on his back. Denny smothering Westcott's mouth with his bicep in pursuit of the choke. More punches from the back by Denny. Action slows as the whole round has been in the corner if the ring with Denny patiently waiting for an opening that he is not being given. Fans are begging for a stand-up, but they're not going to get it. The round expires with Denny will on Westcott's back.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Denny (28-28 Draw)
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Denny (28-28 Draw)
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Denny (28-28 Draw)

Judge Vern Gorman scores the fight 28-27 for Thomas Denny, while Brian Beauchamp sees it 29-28 for Sheldon Westcott. Bill Warwick has the fight 28-28. The fight is a split draw.

Richie Whitson vs. Curtis Demarce
Round 1
Whitson quickly walks down Demarce, and lands a hard left hook along the ropes. Whitson lunges in with a two-punch combination, grabs the clinch, and lands two sharp knees. Demarce gets in a left hook and a right cross that opens a cut above Whitson's left eye. Whitson throws a salvo of hard uppercuts that crack Demarce. Both men trading winging blows now. Demarce ducks a Whitson right hook, and flurries, cracking the TUF alum with a nice left hook. Demarce is now countering Whitson effectively. Whitson gets a hole of the Manitoban along the ropes and knees hard to the body. More wild exchanging, and a Demarce right cross drops Whitson to a knee for a moment, and Demarce motions for him to keep throwing punches. Whitson cracks a low kick at Demarce at the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Demarce
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Demarce
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Demarce

Round 2
Whitson kicks, Demarce counters with a two-punch combo that's blocked. A right hook grazes for Demarce, and the blood flows out of Whitson's left eyebrow again. Two hooks for Demarce land, and he follows up with three more punches and a clean body shot. The Brandon, Manitoba native is the matador now, sticking Whitson with hard hooks to the head and body as he comes forward. Whitson throws an inside low kick that lands south of the border on Demarce, freezing him, and Whitson lands a hard hook before referee Vern Gorman can call time to give Demarce a brief reprieve. On the restart, Whitson crowds Demarce, who counters him with an overhand right. Clean outside low kick lands for Demarce, and Whitson returns in kind. Whitson finally lands a left hook of his own and backs Demarce up. He tries to follow up, but Demarce flurries and stops his advance. Demarce changes levels, and gets a trip takedown on Whitson, momentarily taking "Hellboy's" back as he stands. Upon standing, Vern Gorman calls time again to get Whitson's left eyebrow cut examined. Whitson is ruled able to continue, and the bout resumes again. Whitson launches a right roundhouse kick that smashes Demarce's face, stinging him badly and forcing him to shoot on Whitson. Whitson attempts an outside trip, but Demarce defends with the whizzer. However, Whitson powers him down at the horn. Great action thus far.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Demarce
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Whitson
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Whitson

Round 3
Whitson with a round kick that's caught, and the pair wing punches at one another. Whitson gets his balance back and pushes Demarce into the corner as they pummel in the clinch. Demarce has slowed, and Whitson gets a trip takedown, setting up shop in guard. "Hellboy" with short, chopping elbows on top, trying to pass to half guard, but Demarce keeps him square. More elbows land for Whitson, who is in control of the fight with two minutes left in the bout. Whitson gets to half guard, and Demarce scoots up, but Whitson jumps onto his back. Demarce shakes him off, but Whitson drives him back to the mat with from the waistlock with 45 seconds to go. Demarce elbows Whitson from his back as the Team Quest Temecula rep is trying to get to half guard. For the last 15 seconds, both men windmill at one another wildly until the horn, ending a very entertaining lightweight scrap.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Whitson (29-28 Demarce)
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Whitson (29-28 Whitson)
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Whitson (29-28 Whitson)

Judge Bill Warwick has the bout 29-28 for Richie Whitson, while John Braak sees it 29-28 for Curtis Demarce. Brian Beauchamp has the bout 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Richie Whitson.

Matt Veach vs. Drew Fickett
Round 1
Fickett opens up with a punching flurry and Veach backs up to the fence. Veach ducks under for a well-timed single. From his back, Fickett goes high with his hips in search of offense. Using a high guard, Fickett works for a gogoplata and then transitions to an armbar as Veach raises his base. The technique is true and Veach’s arm is fully extended. Veach taps at 0:36 of the opening stage.

Vacant MFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Ryan Jimmo vs. Dwayne Lewis

Round 1
The pair trade low kicks to start the bout, sizing one another up on the feet as the crowd immediately erupts into "Lewis! Lewis!" chants. Jimmo switching from orthodox to southpaw and back, as he launches hard kicks to the body of Lewis. A double jab and right cross for Lewis is avoided by Jimmo. The "Big Deal" continues to fluidly switch stances as he smacks Lewis with more leg kicks. A hard low kick lands right on Lewis' left knee, and he shakes his leg out. A triple jab from Lewis hits air, and his foe circles out. Jimmo jumps in with a lead left hook that smacks the Fort McMurray native. A hard Jimmo body kick cracks Lewis across the stomach. Lewis finally lands a right hand, and Jimmo clinches.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Jimmo
Rob King scores the round 10-10
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-9 Jimmo

Round 2
A right roundhouse kick from Lewis catches Jimmo across the neck, and the "Big Deal" returns fire with a turning back kick. Lewis cracks Jimmo with a right hand that has him reeling for a second. Lewis' right thigh is severely reddened from Jimmo's kick assault. Jimmo jabs, and a Lewis counter right draws a roar from the crowd. Lewis lunges with a right downstairs and misses. Lewis lands two low kicks, and goes high with a head kick that's blocked. Much better round thus far for Lewis. Lewis rushes with punches, grazing Jimmo, who backs away, and lands another inside leg kick. Another "Lewis! Lewis!" chant breaks out with a minute to fight in the round. A front kick from Lewis catches Jimmo below the belt, but the man high-five to show there was no ill intent. Lewis lunges with an errant right at the hook. Very close round.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-10
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Jimmo
Jeff Sherwood scores the round 10-10

Round 3
Two low kicks land for Jimmo on Lewis' left leg, which is now even more badly welted than his right. Lewis responds with two outside leg kicks of his own. Lewis launches a left hook, and the paie clinch up. Jimmo gets double underhooks, and plants Lewis on the floor. The "Big Deal" goes from half guard straight to the full mount, and locks grapvines Lewis' legs, while punching away. Lewis is beet red in the face, as Jimmo pummels him with right hands from mount. Lewis rolls, and Jimmo loses one hook, but stays on his back, socking him with rights. Lewis shakes Jimmo off and gets in on a double-leg, but Jimmo hits a switch and goes behind. There is a massive knot growing within Lewis' left eye, and referee Brian Beauchamp sees it and immediately calls for the ringside doctor. There is an egg-sized hematoma under Lewis' eye, perhaps the product of an undetected headbutt, and there's no question the bout will be stopped. The physician immediately stops the fight, giving Jimmo the win at 3:13 of the third round. Ryan Jimmo is the new MFC light heavyweight champion.

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