Monson Talks Steroids: Legalize Everything

By Jordan Breen Aug 29, 2007
In the wake of UFC 73 and mixed martial arts' ongoing steroid saga, one former UFC title challenger has truly spoken out.

In an interview with Jordan Breen on the Sherdog Radio Network, former UFC heavyweight title challenger Jeff Monson (Pictures) spoke candidly on the subject of steroids and performancing enhancing substances in mixed martial arts.

When asked if he had ever used any illegal performance enhancers, the former ADCC grappling champion replied:

"It's hard to get to get to this level without having used something. When people ask me on the street or in the gym and they're polite about it, I'll tell 'em, and I've used things before. And it's been quite a while. Like I said, I've been tested for the last couple years in the UFC and I've been clean and will continue to be so. You just can't do it anymore. You just can't risk your career by taking something like that."

"You can have a great career and they find out you used, and then you have a black mark on you forever," continued Monson. "It's just not worth it. You can't do those things. You're playing kinda 'chemistry set' with your career and I don't think there's enough knowledge out there to be able to do that, unless you're like a doctor."

Monson was also asked for his thoughts as to how steroids and performance enhancing substances should be regulated by athletic commissions and other legislative bodies in the sport of mixed martial arts. Monson, a self-described anarchist, was particularly in favor of deregulation.

"If it were up to me everything would be legal," said the Washington native. "I don't think they should make anything illegal because you have fighters coming up or body builders or college players, whatever, using $400-500 a month worth of supplements a month that you get at GNC, then you got another guy coming up that can't afford that stuff, so you got an unlevel playing field with that."

"You have the pre-testosterone this and anabolic-booster that -- it's all legal," The Snowman continued. "To me, what's really the difference? That stuff is just as expensive as steroids anyway and not everyone can afford it, not everyone has access to that stuff. Just because it's legal or not legal, who determines that stuff? The government. Some guy in a suit that's never taken it, doesn't know anything about it."

Monson is scheduled to face fellow former UFC heavyweight title challenger Pedro Rizzo (Pictures) on Sept. 1 in the headlining bout of the pay-per-view card promoted by Art of War, in Dallas, Texas.
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