Nine PFL Fighters Face Sanctions After Testing Positive for Banned Substances

Nine fighters from the first leg of the Professional Fighters League regular season are facing punishment from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failed drug tests in relation to their bouts.

During a meeting on Wednesday, the NSAC announced sanctions or future hearings for the following PFL athletes: Alejandro Flores Garcia , Krzysztof Jotko, Bruno Cappelozza, Rizvan Kuniev, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Cezar Ferreira, Will Fleury, Daniel Torres and Thiago Santos. All of those fighters competed at PFL events held on April 1, 7 or 14.

Three of those fighters received fines and suspensions on Tuesday. Flores, who defeated Torres via unanimous decision at PFL 1 on April 1, was suspended six months and fined $2,926 after testing positive for furosemide. His victory was also overturned to a no contest. Jotko, who dropped a unanimous verdict to Fleury at PFL 1, was suspended six months and fined $6,826 after testing positive. Cappelozza, who defeated Matheus Scheffel via first-round TKO at PFL 2 on April 7, was suspended nine months and fined $11,451 after testing positive for drostanolone.

Meanwhile, Kuniev (drostanolone, methenolone, boldenone, 19-norandrosterone), Fahkreddine (stanozolol, dronastalone, GW1516), Ferreira (clomiphene, androstanolone), Fleury (drostanolone), Torres (drostanolone, amphetamine) and Santos (clomiphene) will have their cases resolved at a future hearing.

The PFL recently released a statement on the situation, revealing that it is considering using USADA to implement its own anti-doping policy:

“PFL has been notified by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that several fighters who competed in two PFL 2023 Regular Season events this past April have been temporarily suspended until further review by the Commission. The PFL has a zero-tolerance policy related to the usage of banned substances and complies with U.S. State Athletic Commission requirements. Further, as the PFL moves towards the highest level of testing and compliance in the sport, PFL is engaged with USADA on the implementation of its athlete anti-doping program.”

The league recently released its schedule for the second half of the regular season. As expected the cards included multiple changes as a result of the suspensions and pending sanctions.


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