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Sherdog.com will report from the ShoWare Center in Kent, Wash., at approximately 9:35 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of Strikeforce “Challengers 16.”

The card is to be headlined by a lightweight bout pitting James Terry against Caros Fodor.

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Keith Berry vs. Trevor Smith
Round 1
Smith leads with two low kicks. Berry circles to his right. Smith shoots a double and completes it. Now he's pounding to the ribs in Berry's guard. Berry scrambles to his feet and the two exchange knees in the clinch. Smith scores on another big double leg and now drops elbows. Smith passes to side and continues to pound with punches. Berry recovers guard. Berry locks up a triangle-armbar combo, but Smith escapes and passes to mount. Serious ground-and-pound from Smith. 10-9 Smith.

Round 2
Smith dives for a double but eats a knee to complete the takedown. Smith passes to side. Berry recovers half guard and then full guard. Smith again passes to side, but isn't landing anything significant. Berry shrimps, but can't get back to guard. Berry is bucking, but it appears futile. Smith now working a north-south choke and puts Berry to sleep. It's unclear if Berry was tapping or trying to escape when he went out. The end comes at 3:02 of round two by technical submission.

Eduardo Pamplona vs. Jerron Peoples
Round 1
Peoples connencts with a right and gets cracked with a left hook. Pamplona pounces and tries for a guillotine, but Peoples escapes to his feet, where he is promptly elevated and slammed to the mat. Pamplona pins him against the cage and pounds away. Peoples escapes but is taken down again quickly. Pamplona passes to mount and drops bombs. Peoples turns away from the contact, and the referee saves him at 2:40 of round one.

Derek Brunson vs. Jeremy Hamilton
Round 1
Brunson avoids some shots an clinches up before executing a trip. Brunson is caught in a deep armbar, but he slams Hamilton to escape. Brunson is now standing and dropping some ground-and-pound from guard. He briefly passes, but Hamilton recovers and lands a nice up kick. Brunson passes to side and drops a hammer fist. Hamilton recovers, and the ref stands them up. Brunson eats a hard right hand but scores with another trip. More hammerfists from guard. They stand again and exchange wildly before Brunson hits yet another trip. After a warning for an illegal up kick, the fight is restarted standing. Hamilton lands a knee as the round ends. 10-9 Brunson.

Round 2
Brunson lands a nice kick and then a savage left cross that buckles Hamilton's knee. Brunson pounces, but Hamilton holds on and locks up his guard. Referee stand up. Hamilton wades forward an lands a nice uppercut, bit he's taken down again for his efforts. Brunson allows him back to his feet. Wild, sloppy picked from both men hit mostly air. Brunson hits another takedown. Both men are tired. Referee stand up. Hamilton lands a low kick and then another. Looping right hook from Brunson misses. Brunson charges ahead and shoves his man down during a flurry. Hamilton escapes to his feet. 10-9 Brunson.

Round 3
Hamilton lands a kick that looks low. Time is briefly called, and Hamilton is warned. Brunson shifts on a left cross. Hamilton lands a jab. Both men look exhausted. Brunson scores a takedown, but Hamilton answers with an armbar attempt. It's loose, though, and Brunson escapes easily. Now in half guard, hamilton recovers to full. Brunson stands and tries an axe kick/stomp. The fight is stood up, but Brunson hits another takedown. Another stand up. Brunson charges forward and lands some nice shots before scoring another takedown. Inactive from half guard as the fight ends. 10-9 Brunson.

Official scores: All three judges score the fight 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Derek Brunson.

Germaine de Randamie vs. Julia Budd
Round 1
Budd closes the distance and grabs her opponent’s left leg in search of a single. Against the fencing, Budd drags de Randamie to the floor and beings to work from half guard. Budd lands short right hands to the head while controlling her foe. Budd advances to the mount and crawls the kickboxer to the cage. Budd postures up and lands some short right hands, but de Randamie protects herself well. Budd explodes for an armbar and de Randamie sees it coming; she escapes and takes the top position in Budd’s guard. De Randamie stands and Budd quickly trips her back to the floor. Budd connects with left hands to the body. De Randamie, using a closed guard, defends for the duration of the frame. 10-9 Budd.

Round 2
Budd comes straight forward and muscles de Randamie to the cage. Budd reaches down and attempts to lift her opponent without dropping levels. De Randamie easily defends the takedown attempt and then stays upright following an outside trip. Budd goes back to the left thigh in search of a single, but de Randamie’s defense is true. A second lift for Budd is successful, but de Randamie escapes out the back door. De Randamie stands and delivers a knee to her opponent’s chin from the Thai plum. Budd has none of the standup game and scores an inside trip takedown. From her back in half guard, de Randamie briefly attempts a guillotine. Budd and de Randamie trade short punches on the floor, with neither connecting solidly. 10-9 Budd.

Round 3
De Randamie opens up with a one two and then shucks off a lazy shot. De Randamie throws standing punches from her opponent’s guard and then works a guillotine as Budd sucks her into the guard. De Randamie again stands and throws right hands to the head that are blocked. De Randamie jumps into side control and Budd flops to her belly in search of a reversal. Budd gets to her feet and drives through a few knees to the head to get a bullish takedown against the cage. De Randamie applies a guillotine, but her position is loose. Budd connects with a left to the body and a right to the face. De Randamie briefly looks for a triangle, but Budd is game. Budd goes back to work on the ribs with her left from her prey’s closed guard. Budd throws her first elbows of the fight with de Randamie’s head trapped against the cage. Referee Ryan Hoisington stands them up and De Randamie misses with a jumping knee as Budd gets a single. 10-9 and 30-27 Budd on the Sherdog.com scorecard.

Official scorecards: All three judges see the bout 29-28 for Julia Budd, who takes the unanimous decision.

Jason High vs. Quinn Mulhern
Round 1
Mulhern rushes in and High connects with a counter right and stuffs a shot. High scores with a low kick and a counter left. High ducks under a right hand and easily takes his foe down with a single. High stands and Mulhern follows. Again High ducks and gets a takedown. High stands in the guard and allows Mulhern to stand. High blasts his opponent with a kick to the neck and then throws him to the floor. High steps out of a heel hook and both fighters stand. Mulhern chases his opponent with punches and kicks and against High takes him down with little effort. Mulhern is absolutely blasted with a left hand and tripped to the floor. Mulhern has a closed guard and then as soon as he opens it High Stands. Mulhern greets the maneuver with an upkick that scores clean. Mulhern stands and is tripped back down. 10-9 High.

Round 2
High with a quick single to start round two. High lands two left hands before Mulhern is able to secure a half butterfly. Mulhern briefly looks for the rubber guard and then goes to the TK guard. High stands and Mulhern works hard for a single. Mulhern cracks High with a right hand and High grabs him around the waist, lifts him high into the air and deposits him to the canvas. Armbar attempt for Mulhern that falls short. Mulhern locks up a body triangle from the bottom, breaking High's posture. Mulhern looks for rubber guard for a moment, but is thwarted. High thumps him twice, and sets up in guard again . High is chipping away with short punches, but suddenly cracks Mulhern with a hard left. They scramble back to the feet, but Mulhern is instantly grounded with another takedown. High is trapped in guard, and stands up out of Mulhern's guard, kicking his legs. Mulhern's right eye is slashed up. High dives into guard at the bell, as Mulhern elbows away. It's 10-9 High again.

Round 3
Another quick takedown puts on top again. High grinds away, but can't land heavy blows. Mulhern scrambles back to his feet, but High gets a front headlock and puts him back on the mat. High looks for a guillotine momentarily, tightening his grip from the top, but Mulhern slides free and challenges him with a single. High shuts it down, and puts Mulhern down again. Mulhern slickly scrambles back up, but High grabs a rear waistlock and smashes Mulhern back into the mat. High punches away until the bell. 10-9 High again, and Sherdog.com sees the bout for him 30-27.

Official scores: All three judges score the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Jason High.

Gian Villante vs. Lorenz Larkin
Round 1
Villante lands a front kick and two hard low kicks as Larkin circles. Villante feints and shoots, getting in deep on a single. Villante explodes up and slams Larkin to the mat, and quickly moves to half guard, landing elbows. Villante tries to advance to mount, but Larkin bucks him, and Villante pushes him back into half guard. Villante continues to posture up and land short right hands. Larkin regains guard and grabs mission control, effectively breaking Villante's posture. The effort stalemates the bout for the last 10 seconds until the bell. Sherdog.com sees the round 10-9 for Gian Villante.

Round 2
Larkin comes out kicking, but can't land clean on Villante. Villante thuds with a low kick of his own. Front kick by Larkin. Left uppercut-right cross misses for Larkin, and Villante bulls him into the fence. Larkin digs hard elbows into Villante's thighs. Villante finally gets double underhooks, but quickly loses them. Wild uppercut for Larkin misses, but the subsequent hooks ring Villante's bell. Villante responds with a big knee of his own. Larkin starting to get into a rhythm now, chopping inside and outside with hard low kicks. Overhand right-left hook for Larkin lands. Stiff outside low kick lands for Larkin again. A feint, and another hard low kick for Larkin, who is taking over the fight. Larkin lands another hard low kick, but it strays low and hits Villante in the cup. He is granted a brief respite, but there is too little time for any offense before the bell. Larkin gets back into the fight with a 10-9 second round on the Sherdog.com scorecard.

Round 3
Larkin shows off some fancy footwork early, and looks to be the much fresher man. Larkin attacks, but inadvertently pokes Villante in the eye, allowing his opponent to take another brief rest. Upon restarting, Larkin jabs, and crushes Villante with another hard low kick. Larkin working his jab effectively now, backing Villante up around the cage. Villante is not engaging now, just moving away from Larkin's power shots. Villante ducks a jab and shoots a single, but "The Monsoon" slips right out. Larkin continues to pump his jab in Villante's face, and his opponent has no response. Larkin effortlessly escapes another single-leg, and follows with a hard low kick. A stiff jab for Larkin lands, and he gets a power double-leg at the bell. Sherdog.com sees the round 10-9 for Lorenz Larkin, and 29-28 for Larkin overall.

Official scores: All three judges score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Lorenz Larkin.

Ryan Couture vs. Matt Ricehouse
Round 1
Both men pumping jabs but not landing cleanly. Couture closes the distance into the clinch, but can't get a firm hold on his foe. The pair clash low kicks, and Ricehouse comes back with a hard right. Couture ties him up, landing a knee and an uppercut on the break. Couture grabs the clinch again, landing another hard series of knees. Ricehouse breaks free, and sticks his jab in Couture's face. Ricehouse digs a knee to Couture's body, and they pummel along the cage. They pair trade hard knees inside. They separate, and another clean right lands for Ricehouse. Couture throws a low kick, which Ricehouse catches, tripping him to the canvas. Ricehouse pounds away for a moment, until Couture gets back to his feet. Couture drives him into the fence at the bell. Sherdog.com scores the opening frame 10-9 Ricehouse.

Round 2
Ricehouse kicks to the body, and Couture drives him into the fence again. Couture and Ricehouse are both switching stances, trying to land single power shots on one another. Ricehouse continues to land hard body kicks, the most effective strike of the fight. Couture looks for another clinch, but Ricehouse looks for the takedown this time, getting in on a double. Couture is able to break his clasp, Couture lands a low kick, and when he tries it again, Ricehouse lands a body-head combination. Another ripping right roundhouse kick to the body lands for Ricehouse. Left hook, right hook and a knee land for Ricehouse, who is in a groove now. Two-hook combination lands for the Missouri native at the bell. 10-9 Ricehouse again.

Round 3
The lightweights touch gloves to start the final round. Both look for outside low kicks early, but aren't landing heavy. Ricehouse dives in with a right, and Couture sidesteps him and gets a waistlock, driving him into the cage. Couture is starting to land heavy rights, but Ricehouse is undaunted. Couture getting comfortable standing now, but runs into a kneetap from Ricehouse, who stands above Couture and hammers down with rights. Couture regains his feet with 80 seconds to fight. Couture lands a hard knee to the body. Ricehouse pushes him into the fence, and drives a series of knees into his body. They break up, and land jabs at the bell. Sherdog.com sees the final round 10-9 for Ryan Couture, but it's a 29-28 Ricehouse scorecard overall.

Official scores: All three judges score the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Matt Ricehouse.

James Terry vs. Caros Fodor
Round 1
They pair clinch along the fence quickly. Fodor punches to the body, then scores with a right cross. Fodor runs Terry into the fence, but the Cung Le pupil turns him around quickly. "The Future" lands solid knees to the body, and pushes forward with left hands on Terry. Terry throws a lazy left, and catches a counter right hook from Fodor. One-two for Fodor, who has full control of this fight and has busted Terry's left eye open. Fodor continues to bob and weave under Terry's strikes, countering and initiating clinches. Fodor and Terry continue to handfight in close, punching and kneeing to the bottom. Two hard uppercuts land for Fodor, who drives into a double-leg takedown. Terry reaches through Fodor's legs for a switch, and instead, yanks Fodor over and takes top position. Terry tries to land a series of rights at the bell. Sherdog.com sees the first round 10-9 for Caros Fodor.

Round 2
A lead knee and one-two land for Fodor, who continues to assert dominance while striking at range. Terry pushes him into the fence again, in pursuit of a single-leg takedown. Terry continues to drive, switching to a double-leg takedown. Terry elevates Fodor and slams him into half guard. Terry attempts to pass to mount, but Fodor elevator sweeps, and both men take their feet again. Terry rams Fodor into the cage again, but eats a hard knee to the body. Terry chops with an inside elbow, but Fodor lands a hard knee. They break, and Fodor comes forward with rights and lefts, his hands seemingly magnetic to Terry's face. Terry drives for a single-leg along the cage, but can't get Fodor to the ground, and takes another knee to a breadbasket. Fodor continues to shut down Terry's takedown, kneeing his ribs until the horn. 10-9 Fodor.

Round 3
Fodor attacks immediately, and a short left hook stumbles Terry to a knee. Terry gets back to his feet, but Fodor is all over him with punches. Terry looks for a single-leg, but once again, can't get it. Fodor lands a right cross, and follows with a knee to the groin that makes Terry cringe. Referee Anthony Hamlett intervenes, and Terry takes a 20-second breather. On the restart, a Terry double-leg is stuffed in the middle of the cage. Uppercuts land for both men in close. Terry continues to circle away from Fodor, who sticks the jab in his face liberally. Right cross for Fodor lands. Terry runs him into the fence once again, and complains to Hamlett of a low knee, but Hamlett doesn't break the pair. Terry continues to push the takedown, and Fodor jumps a guillotine. Terry extricates himself and takes top position, bloodied, punching away on Fodor's ribs. However, it's too little to late as the horn sounds. Sherdog.com sees the round 10-9 Fodor, and 30-27 Fodor overall.

Official scores: The judges see the bout 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Caros Fodor.
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