rAw Training Center renames to R1, Debuts Event

Aug 3, 2004
Last Friday night The Last Draw brought over 300 fans to the newly renamed R1 (formerly rAw Training Center). Eleven action-packed MMA and Thai Boxing fights featured tough wrestlers, savvy jujitsu players and hard-hitting action from beginning to end.

A quick scan of the crowd revealed solid community support for R1's first foray into fight promotion. Many MMA celebrities were in attendance and the hottest local dojos were represented. Grappling Magazine's Todd Hester was at R1 taking pictures and documenting the scene.

All eleven fights took place in full view of the appreciative crowd. The raised fight ring provided a rare opportunity to see MMA action up close and personal. "It's unbelievable how much you can see. It's a great venue they've got here. I've been to the UFC and you can't see a thing with that stupid cage," said Connie Carpenter, a longtime fight fan.

The fights were kept brisk with expert refereeing by Frank Trigg, Erik Paulson and John Donehue for the MMA bouts and Ed Wedding for the Thai Boxing. Any lull in the action resulted in a quick restart, and most fights ended decisively with a couple of submissions and a few TKOs. In an unusual move, The Last Draw rules dictated that all fights not ending in a KO, TKO or submission would be ruled a draw. This innovative judging criteria eliminated any chance of unfair judging, something that has recently plagued the Southern California sport fighting scene.

The highlight of the evening was when R1 fighter Jake "Baby Shark" Moody took on Victor Rodriquez of the Independent Fight Team (Long Beach). Moody came out swinging hard but was almost submitted via guillotine choke before turning the tide in the second round finishing with a guillotine choke of his own.

Below are the complete MMA results:

Luis Figueroa (10th Planet & Street Sport JJ) vs. Musa Tolliver (Team Freedom). Figueroa by triangle in RD 2.

Mike Dytri (R1) vs. Scott Epstein (10th Planet). Draw.

Isamu Horiuchi vs. Jay Favor (Combat Submission Wrestling). Horiuchi by armbar in RD 2.

James Zigmund (Machado JJ) vs. B. Reed (Combat Submission Wrestling). Zigmund by submission in RD 1.

Eric Washington (CJFF) vs. Christian Mantle (Mac D). Mantle by guillotine in RD 1.

Kyle DuBois (CJFF) vs. Kay Maeda (10th Planet). Draw.

Bent Aguilar (Combat Submission Wrestling) vs. Julian Williams (CJFF). Draw.

Jake Moody (R1) vs. Victor Rodriquez (Independent Fighting). Moody by guillotine choke in RD 2.

Adan Aguir (R1) vs. David Rodriquez (Shark Tank). Aguir by TKO in RD 1.

Egor Davidoff (Combat Submission Wrestling) vs. Shane Folger (Shark Tank). Folger by TKO in RD 1.

Kickboxing rules results:

Juan Revis vs. Ryan Ebbets (ISA). Draw

In September, R1 will host a follow-up event called The Last Draw: Second Coming. Please contact R1 for updates and join us for another night of exciting fight sport and entertainment!
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