M-1 Challenge 58 results & pictures from Russia - Abdulaev wins M-1 Challenge welterweight title

Jun 13, 2015
(PRESS RELEASE) -- INGUSHETIA, Russia - Last night at M-1 Challenge 58: Battle in the Mountains 4, Mural "Hunter" Abdulaev won a unanimous 5-round decision over Marcelo Brito to capture the vacant M-1 Challenge welterweight title, outdoors in Ingushetia, Russia.

Abdulaev (13-10, 6 KO/TKO, 2 SUB), fighting out of Russia, remained unbeaten in M-1 Global competition with his third victory. Brito (13-6-0, 2 KO/TKO, 5 SUB), who replaced his injured Brazilian countryman Igor Fernandes, made his M-1 Global debut.

In main card action, Russian by way of Azerbaijan featherweight Tural Ragimov (10-2-0, 4 KO/TKO, 5 SUB) defeated Antun "Killer" Racic (17-6-0, 0 KO/TKO, 13 SUB), of Croatia, by way of a late third-round submission via an arm-bar.

Heavyweight Alexi "Brick" Kudin (20-8-0, 16 KO/TKO, 1 SUB), of Belarus, kicked his way to a second-round knockout of Russian Baga Agaev (27-17-0, 5 KO/TKO, 2 SUB).

American featherweight Lee "American Bulldog" Morrison (13-5-0, 4 KO/TKO, 4 SUB) won a three-round majority decision from Pavel Vitruk (12-2-0, 3 KO/TKO, 2 SUB), a native of Ukraine who fights out of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Brazilian veteran Charles "Gracie" Andrade (28-23-1, 6 KO/TKO, 22 SUB) needed only 34 seconds to force previously undefeated Russian middleweight Abukar Yandiev (4-1-0, 1 KO/TKO, 2 SUB) into submission with a heel hook.

Russian middleweight Magomed Mutaev (6-2-0, 4 KO/TKO, 0 SUB) won by technical knockout when Spaniard Enoc Solves Torres' (16-9-0, 5 KO/TKO, 7 SUB) corner-men halted the fight after the first round.

Fighting on the preliminary card, hometown favorite Adam Tsurov (2-1-0) stopped pro-debuting Tajikistan lightweight Bakhitoyor Ibragimov (0-1-0) on punches in the opening round, Russian lightweight Khamzat Dalziev (3-1-0) won a second round split decision from Russian Akhied Nazarov (0-1-0), Russian featherweight Movsar Evloev (2-0-0) took a two-round decision from Lu Zhenhong (6-3-0), of China, Russian light heavyweight Adam "Beast" Yandiev (8-0-0) remained undefeated with an early first-round submission of Lithuanian Valdas Pocevicius (33-32-0), and Russian lightweight Djambulat Kurbanov (7-1-`) won as previously undefeated Ukrainian Alexander Panasyuk (5-1-0) submitted due to an arm-bar in the first round.

Russian featherweight Kurbanali Abdusalamov (5-2-0) upset previously unbeaten Pierre Sauvage (6-1-0), punching out the Frenchman late in the final round, Ingushetia favorite Khamzat Aushev (6-3-0) needed only 26-seconds to submit Spanish lightweight Javier Fuentas (6-2-0) with a heel lock, Arkamat Evkurov (3-1-0) punched his way to a first-round stoppage of Vladimir Bury (1-2-0) in a battle of Russian heavyweights, and featherweight Ruslan Esmurziev (2-1-0) ruined the pro debut of fellow Russian Marat Kishaev (0-1-0), who was a KO victim of punches.

In M- Medieval knight fights heavyweight Evgeniy Gladkov (3-0-0) remained unbeaten with victory over Maxim Plaksin (0-2-0), while welterweight Rustam Kuhurkhev (1-0-0) won hi pro debut against Boris Dzhelilov (0-2-0).


Mural Abdulaev (13-1-0) WDEC5 Marcelo Brito (13-7-0), Brazil

(Abdulaev won vacant M-1 Challenge welterweight title)



Alexi Kudin (20-8-0), Belarus

WKO/TKO2 (Leg Kicks - 1:40)

Baga Agaev (27-17-0), Russia


Charles Andrade (28-23-1), Brazil

WSUB1 (Heel Hook - 0:34)

Abukar Yandiev (4-1-0), Russia

Magomed Mutaev (6-2-0), Russia

WTKO1 (Corner Stoppage - 5:00)

Enoc Solves Torres (16-9-0), Spain


Tural Ragimov (10-2-0), Russia

WSUB3 (Armbar - 4:27)

Antun Racic (17-6-0), Croatia

Lee Morrison (14-5-0), USA


Pavel Vitruk (12-2-0), Russia



Akramat Evkurov (4-1-0), Russia

WKO/TKO1 (Punches - 1:43)

Vladimir Bury (1-2-0), Russia


Adam Yandiev (8-0-0), Russia

WSUB1 (RNC -- 0:34)

Valdas Pocevisius (33-32-0), Lithuania


Adam Tsurov (3-1-0), Russia

WKO/TKO1 (Punches - 4:16)

Bakhitier Ibragimov (0-1-0), Tajikistan

Khamzat Dalgiev (3-1-0), Russia


Akhred Nazarov (0-1-0), Russia

Dzambulat Kurbanov (7-1-0), Russia

WSUB1 (Armbar - 3:18)

Alexander Panasyuk (5-1-1), Ukraine

Khamzat Aushev (6-3-0), Russia

WSUB1 (Heel Hook - 0:26)

Javier Fuentas (6-3-0), Spain


Movsar Evloev (2-0-0), Russia


Lu Zhenhong (6-3-0), China

Kurbanali Abdisalamov (4-2-0), Russia

WKO3 (Punches - 4:25)

Pierre Sauvage (6-0-0), France

Ruslan Esmurziev (2-1-0), Russia

WKO1 (Punches -- 4:35)

Marat Kishaev (0-0-0) Russia



Evgeniy Gladov (3-0-0), Russia


Maxim Plaksin (0-2-0), Russia


Rustam Kuhurkhoev (1-0-0), Russia


Boris Dzhelilov (0-2-0), Russia
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