Silva: ‘My Time is Already Over’

Oct 15, 2008

The talk started in late September.

That’s when Anderson Silva, the UFC middleweight champion regarded by many as the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, said on a Brazilian TV show that he was going to retire in 2009.

Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, explained that his fighter would finish out the six remaining bouts on his UFC contract. Although Soares’ statement seemed to appease some fans, others understood that Silva’s retirement could still come soon even if he fights six more times.

“Everything has its time,” Silva told in an exclusive video interview, “and I believe my time is already over.”

So what would be Silva’s next move if he does retire? Boxing maybe? Coaching?

“I’m going to be fat, with a big belly by the side of the Octagon, eating popcorn behind the scenes, making my imitations and screaming for the fighters: “Go there! Kick his face! Put him down!”

Silva, who is famous around the Brazilian fight scene for his uncanny impersonations of fighters and trainers, also discussed with whether compensation has played a role in his decision as well as whether he has been motivated to train for his title defense against Patrick Cote on Oct. 25 at UFC 90.

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