Anderson Silva on First Commentating Gig

By Marcelo Alonso Feb 9, 2012
UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who recently commentated a UFC card in his native Portuguese language.

It was good. I’ve studied enough to give accurate information for the lay audience, which may be watching the UFC, but I didn’t have the opportunity to talk more about the techniques and explain them to the public in a broad but somewhat simplified way so that the public understood what was happening inside the Octagon. As for Galvao Bueno, hey, he was perfect. Galvao Bueno is Galvao Bueno. We did the work, and we hope to do more. The public has access to the sport now but does not understand what’s happening. They need to be able to understand. We may have another opportunity to talk to the public and explain what’s happening there in the Octagon.
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