Faber Not Surprised Warren Beat Yamamoto

By Jake Rossen May 28, 2009
Where’s Urijah Faber when you need him? Like, say, the betting window at the MGM?

The former WEC featherweight champion told Fanhouse’s Michael David Smith that he wasn’t at all surprised to see 1-0 MMA rookie Joe Warren (pictured) defeat Japanese bad-ass Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto Tuesday morning.

"Joe came down here and trained with us for about a week and a half, and he was pretty raw when he came down here," Faber told Smith. "But people are forgetting that he's been doing some of the most difficult training for pretty much his whole life. … I wasn't that surprised he won.”

Faber appears to be pretty cool about the whole thing despite the fact that a fight with Yamamoto had been tagged for years as the sport’s most potentially lucrative 145-pound clash; Warren and WEC champion Mike Thomas Brown have extinguished those dreams nicely.
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