How Keith Hackney Earned His Spot in the UFC

By Staff Nov 13, 2013

Clyde Gentry, on “Rewind,” discussing how Keith Hackney got into the UFC by beating Thomas Ramirez:

“There were a few times, believe it or not, that [UFC matchmaker] Art Davie would have his own impromptu matches, that whoever won would actually get them into the event, and that was one of them. He had Thomas Ramirez versus Keith Hackney, and they fought in actually a makeshift barn of all things. Keith Hackney ended up putting away Thomas Ramirez, but even after that, Ramirez still kept bugging Art Davie to be in the event. When they had the David vs. Goliath [tournament at UFC 8], he was certainly a natural on the Goliath end of the things.”

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