Murray’s New Sentence

By Jake Rossen Dec 1, 2010

Lee Murray: Jeff Sherwood |

The UK seems to have a serious preoccupation with hardboiled convicted criminals in a way the U.S. doesn’t: Charles Bronson, Lenny McClean, Roy Shaw, the Krays, and -- of course -- Lee Murray, the former cage fighter-turned-bank-robber.

Tuesday, Fighter’s Only reported that Morocco (where Murray was found hiding following the heist) has added 15 years to his sentence, meaning the 30-year-old might not be released until age 55. This must be demoralizing to those who perceive Murray as a kind of romanticized figure who nearly got away with it. (Running off with millions is a nice idea, but the practicality of it -- threats and guns -- tends to take the shine off.)

FO also reported Murray was plotting an escape by losing enough weight to slide through the bars, a plan eerily similar to the one employed by serial killer Ted Bundy in the late ‘70s: Bundy declined food on the premise he was depressed. Instead, he was angling to get thin enough to slip through an opening in the ceiling, through the adjacent jailer’s apartment, and out to freedom.

Murray isn’t on a par with Bundy, and killers have probably received lesser sentences, but Murray wasn’t exactly a productive member of society prior to the heist. See you in 25 -- or whenever Guy Richie gets around to the inevitable movie.
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