Infographic: Professional Fighters League Season 1 Lightweight Playoff Standings Update

By Ben Duffy Aug 10, 2018
As the Professional Fighters League regular season progresses, several storylines are emerging, but one of the most surprising and notable must be: This Natan Schulte guy is a bit of a problem.

The relatively unheralded Brazilian made his presence known by upsetting Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Chris Wade, one of the early favorites, in June. He followed that up, and completed his run to the top of the standings, by choking Jason High out cold at PFL 5 last Thursday.

Incidentally, Wade features in another major storyline of the season so far, as he is one of the most prominent examples of PFL’s weighted standings at work. While Wade is 1-1 on the season, he is tied for second with two 2-0 fighters, thanks to PFL’s points system which gives greater weight to stoppage victories; the earlier the better. According to this system, designed to incentivize exciting fights as well as offer fighters greater latitude to make up standings deficits, fighters receive:

• zero points for a loss
• one point for a draw
• three points for a decision victory
• four points for a third-round stoppage, five points for a second-round stoppage and six points for a first-round stoppage

The PFL regular season continues through August, with the playoffs scheduled to begin in October.

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