Conor McGregor to Chad Mendes: ‘I Can Rest My Balls on Your Forehead’

By Tristen Critchfield Oct 21, 2014

Rising featherweight star Conor McGregor apparently has little regard for the wrestling ability of current 145-pound No. 1 contender Chad Mendes.

The two fighters had a colorful exchange during an interview Tuesday’s episode of “Beyond the Octagon” on BT Sport. When Mendes claimed to be a terrible stylistic matchup for the flamboyant Irishman, McGregor responded in memorable fashion.

“Conor, do you know what wrestling is?” asked Mendes, a two-time NCAA All-American at Cal Poly University.

“I can rest my balls on your forehead,” McGregor quickly replied.

The verbal barbs would continue for approximately two minutes. McGregor is set to attend UFC 179 on Saturday, where Mendes will attempt to wrest 145-pound gold from Jose Aldo in the evening’s main event. While it is currently unclear if McGregor will be given a title shot against the victor, UFC President Dana White recently hinted that “The Notorious” one could be next in line.

A full transcription of the McGregor-Mendes exchange can be read below.

Mendes: Conor is a big talker. Conor brought so much attention to this division, so much attention to the UFC. He talked his way all the way up to the top. When I look at Conor I see dollar signs in my bank account. You know, Conor I match up horrible for this guy. Conor, do you know what wrestling is?

McGregor: I can rest my balls on your forehead.

Mendes: When I look at this guy I see dollar signs in my bank account, and this is a bad matchup for him. If he ever wants to do this, I’d be down. I’d sell out an arena with you; I’d like to make [those] big bucks.

McGregor: I wish you all the best, I don’t think [the rematch with Aldo] is going to be any different from the previous contest. But don’t worry, I will take that belt from Jose, and I will come back hunting for your little midget head.

Mendes: Hopefully you bring your Lucky Charms and you sit in the third row and watch. It’s excellence going down. It’s going to be a perfect execution.

McGregor: I’m sitting in the front row. I’m not even in the fighter’s hotel. I’m in the Fertitta hotel. In the suite, on the Copa Cabana. So you enjoy your time in the fighter hotel. I’m front row, baby.

Mendes: You keep running your mouth; you keep talking, and we’re gonna settle this in the Octagon. Whether it’s for a title or not -- I’m gonna beat your ass.

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