Dream 6 Play-by-Play

Sep 23, 2008
Sherdog.com reports from the Saitama Super Arena near Tokyo with live play-by-play of Dream 6, which features the final round of the promotion's middleweight grand prix.

Who will capture the tournament? Melvin Manhoef, Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza, Zelg Galesic or Gegard Mousasi?

To reflect Dream's official judging format, bouts will be scored as a whole by Sherdog.com staff, not round-by-round. The 10-point must system will not be used.

Hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh often, as play-by-play is updated in real time.

Dream Middleweight GP Semifinals:

Reserve bout:
Dong Sik Yoon vs. Andrews Nakahara
Round 1
Nakahara attacks the lead leg of Yoon with a low kick. Yoon tries to tie up the Brazilian in the corner, but Nakahara has none of it. Again Yoon closes the distance, and this time he pulls guard successfully. Nakahara defends from guard for less than a minute then stands to his feet. Nakahara kicks the body and leg and keeps a safe distance from the judoka. Yoon lands a right hand lead and clinches in the corner. Nakahara is proving to be a tough takedown early as he shows excellent foot movement and awareness. Yoon trips his opponent to the canvas and fights off a weak omaplata attempt. From the bottom, Nakahara holds the gi sleeve of the South Korean, limiting his movement. Yoon shakes off Nakahara’s grip and advances to mount. Yoon flattens Nakahara out and works for an Ezekiel choke. The grappler gives up the hold to punch the head with both hands from mount. Yoon toys with the right arm of his opponent but he can’t secure the limb for an armbar. Yoon looks for another gi choke and an armbar, which allows Nakahara to stand to his feet. A Feitosa-esque “Brazilian” kick from Nakahara misses its target. A grazing axe kicks follows. With 10 seconds left in the round, Yoon eats a knee as he shoots in for a double-leg. Nakahara sprawls out and knees the head until the bell rings, ending the frame.

Round 2
After touching gloves to start the final frame, Yoon lands a right hand and pays for it in a punching exchange. Nakahara drops his opponent with a right hand and a left hook. The Brazilian punches from guard and Yoon does nothing but cover up. Referee Moritaka Oshiro steps in to save Yoon at just 0:30 of the second stage.

Melvin Manhoef vs. Gegard Mousasi
Round 1
Mousasi goes low with a kick and crashes it into the outside of Manhoef’s left leg. Mousasi drops levels for a single-leg and it’s stuffed. Mousasi stays clinched with the Dutchman and fights off a whizzer to score the trip. Mousasi easily moves to mount, and then locks on a triangle choke as Manhoef reverses the position. Manfoef lifts Mousasi high into the air and slams him to the canvas, but it only tightens the hold. Manhoef taps out at 1:28 of the first.

Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza vs. Zelg Galesic
Round 1
“Jacare” avoids a front kick and jabs his way into a successful double-leg takedown. From full-guard, he punches the head with his right hand before passing to side-control. Souza isolates an arm but gives it up to take the mount. Galseic bucks “Jacare” off but is immediately caught in an armbar. The Croatian quickly taps out at the 1:27 mark.

Non-Tournament Bouts:
Keita Nakamura vs. Adriano Martins
Round 1
Martins lands a stiff inside low kick to the right leg of Nakamura. The fighters trade sloppy punches and nothing connects. Martins scores a knockdown with a right hand. Nakamura recovers quickly and stands quickly when then referee Samio Kimura intervenes to restart the fighters in the center of the ring. A right uppercut and a left hook from Martins finds its target. Martins, while sloppy, lands a right hand that stuns his opponent. Nakamura gets a single-leg takedown and works directly from half-guard. Punches are traded on the floor and Martins gets back to guard. Nakamura lazily punches the head with his right hand. From his back, Martins opens up a gash under the left eye of Nakamura with an accidental elbow. Kimura calls for the ringside doctor to check the wound and a warning is not issued as it was not thrown as a strike. The action is restarted and the Brazilian connects with a right hook. Nakamura answers with two jabs and a left straight. Again the referee separates the fighters due to a stalemate. Nakamura puts his punches together and lands a crisp jab, left straight combo. The lackluster round ends.

Round 2
Nakamura opens the second frame with two stiff jabs. Martins clinches with Nakamura until the referee pulls them apart. Nakamura scores with a right hook and Martins goes straight back to the clinch. Right back to the jab goes Nakamura. He can dominate the fight with it if he keeps throwing it. Martins swings wildly and gets hit with another jab. Two more jabs connect for the UFC veteran. Martins misses with a jumping kick and eats a jab for his effort. Boos from the crowd greet the fighters as time expires.

Jordan Breen scores the fight for Keita Nakamura.
Mike Fridley agrees, and sees the bout for Nakamura.

One of the official judges absurdly scores the bout for Martins, while two others offer tallies for Nakamura. Keita Nakamura takes the split decision.

Sergei Kharitonov vs. Jimmy Ambriz
Round 1
Kharitonov lands a jab and then knocks Ambriz down face-first with a left hand. Ambriz stands quickly and attempts a single-leg. Kharitonov grabs the ropes and is given a yellow card by referee Kenichi Serizawa. Kharitonov is teeing off with straight rights to the body and left hooks. Ambriz is absorbing an insane amount of punishment from the hands of Kharitonov. Straight punches to the body and hooks from both hands drop Ambriz to the canvas. Kharitonov adds a punch and a knee to the head for good measure as Ambriz taps to avoid more punishment. The end comes at 2:15 of the first.

Hideo Tokoro vs. Atsushi Yamamoto
Round 1
Tokoro gets the action started with a right hand lead to the head that scores. Both southpaws switch to a conventional stance and trade jabs. Yamamoto connects with a one-two combination that sends Tokoro to the canvas. Yamamoto pounces for the kill, but Tokoro is game. From his back, Tokoro locks up an arm and goes high with his hips, but Yamamoto defends. Yamamoto stands to his feet and Tokoro follows as the crowd cheers the fighters on. A stinging jab connects for Yamamoto. The fighters trade knees to the body and wild punches and Yamamoto gets the better of the exchange. Tokoro attempts a flying armbar and ends up pulling guard. Yamamoto wastes little time as he stands. Tokoro gets in his best leather of the fight, a right hand set up by a jab. Yamamoto answers with a right straight. Yamamoto looks very fluid with his boxing as he jabs the nose consistently. Another jab sends blood leaking heavily from the nose of Tokoro. The ZST veteran attempts a flip kick and ends up pulling guard. The first round is all Yamamoto.

Round 2
Yamamoto goes back to the jab to start round two. He snaps Tokoro’s head backwards as he flicks his jab to the nose. Tokoro again tries a flip kick and gets guard. Tokoro tries to secure the right arm of Yamamoto, but he has none of it. Referee Samio Kimura calls time to have the ring-side doctor check the face of Tokoro, which now sports a mouse uner the right eye and a nose leaking like a faucet. Action is resumed and Yamamoto gets a single-leg takedown into half-guard. Tokoro gets back to guard and Yamamoto stands. With two minutes remaining in the round, Tokoro gets back to guard and absorbs right hands to the body from Yamamoto. Tokoro reverses the position and quickly goes for an armbar. The arm and positiona re secured but Yamamoto defends. 20 seconds remain and Tokoro can finish if he breaks the grip of Yamamoto. Time expires as Tokoro fights to free the hands of Yamamoto, but fails.

Both Jordan Breen and Mike Fridley score the fight for Atsushi Yamamoto.

All three official judges agree and award Yamamoto the unanimous decision.

Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Masakatsu Funaki
Round 1
Minowa catches a spinning back kick and deposits Funaki on the canvas. Funaki gets a heel hook and Minowa counters with a foot lock of his own. Wearing shoes, Minowa falls prey to the inverted foot lock and taps out at the 0:52 mark of the first frame.

Hayato Sakurai vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka
Round 1
Sakurai misses on a spinning-back fist. Hironaka ducks under a right-handed haymaker and gets a takedown. From half-guard, Hironaka ties up the head of Sakurai and looks to pass to side-control. Sakurai gets back to full guard and eventually to his feet, where he slams a low kick into Hironaka’s left leg. Hironaka delivers a left straight to the midsection. Hironaka follows with a right hand and eats a solid counter from Sakurai. The Matt Hume-trained Sakurai continues to attack the leg of Hironaka with punishing kicks. Another cracks into Hironaka’s leg and he’s feeling it. Sakurai finds himself on his back after he slips attempting another low kick. Hironaka enters the guard of Sakurai, where he lands a left hand to the chin. Hironaka stomps down on the mouth of Sakurai. The strike is illegal and Sakurai is given time to recover. Referee Kenichi Serizawa issues a warning to Hironaka and the bout is resumed. Hironaka connects with a low kick before the round ends.

Round 2
Hironaka gets a fast single-leg takedown to start round two. He does nothing with the position before Sakurai gets to his feet. Hironaka goes to the clinch in search of a trip, but Sakurai has none of it. The fighters trade lowkicks and Sakurai gets the best of the exchange. Sakurai trips Hironaka to the canvas, but he lets him up immediately. Hironaka connects to the body with a straight right. A left and a right hook score for Sakurai. The fight is up for grabs with one minute remaining. The UFC veterans trade in the center of the ring. Sakurai lands with a right hook and a one-two. Sakurai goes to the Thai plum, where he connects with two knees to the head. In the final 30 seconds, Sakurai puts a stamp on the bout with a knockdown. A right hand counter drops Hironaka to the canvas, where he is pounded on for the duration of the contest.

Both Jordan Breen and Mike Fridley score the bout for Hayato Sakurai. All official judges agree, and award Sakurai with the unanimous decision.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Masanori Tonooka
Round 1
A left hook from Akiyama finds its target. Tonooka is swinging for the fences but can’t find his range. Akiyama closes the distance and muscles his opponent to the canvas. Akiyama passes to side-control and traps the left arm of Tonooka under his leg. Akiyama lands several unanswered punches before Tonooka frees his arm. Akiyama again traps the arm, but this time he looks for a Kimura on the opposite arm. Tonooka escapes danger but is quickly mounted. Akiyama slowly sets up an armbar and ends up taking his back. A gi choke attempt for Akiyama fails and Tanooka gets to his feet, where he is quickly thrown back down. Akiyama gets to mount in mere seconds, where he finishes with an armbar. The official time is 6:26 of the first.

Shinya Aoki vs. Todd Moore
Round 1
Moore keeps Aoki at bay early with looping punches. Moore stuffs an Aoki shot. Aoki hops on Moore’s back and quickly puts him away with a neck crank at 1:10 of the first. Aoki wrapped his arm around the head of Moore in a rear-naked choke position, but pressed down on the chin and used his hips to force the tap. Impressive victory for Aoki.

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Alistair Overeem
Round 1
Both fighters miss low kicks early in the frame. Overeem looks like he wants to get the action to the ground but Cro Cop sees it coming. A clinch ensues and Overeem throws Filipovic to the canvas. Overeem throws short punches from the guard of the Croatian. Cro Cop is cut near the temple on his left eye. Overeem lands digging shots to the body with his right hand. Time is called to check the cut. The fight is resumed after a minute into the same position on the ground, with Filipovic in full guard. Overeem postures up and lands a left hand. Referee Yuji Shimada stands the fighters up and Cro Cop lands a snapping kick. He follows with a left-footed head kick that is caught by Overeem. The Dutch fighter trips Cro Cop to the floor, where he goes back to the body with right hooks. The blood is really flowing from Filipovic’s eye. Shimada stands the fighters and issues both strikers a yellow card for inactivity. Overeem lands a knee to the groin, and much to Filipovic’s displeasure, it goes unnoticed by Shimada. Another knee cracks Filipovic’s groin, and this one is caught by the referee. Mirko is given time to recover. Overeem clinches and throws a left hand that cuts Mirko’s other eye. Overeem, from the clinch, knees the body and again hits Filipovic’s groin. Time is called and Overeem is issued a yellow card for the foul. After several minutes of confusion, the bout is halted and ruled a no contest. No official time is given.

Dream Middleweight GP Final:
Gegard Mousasi vs. Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza
Round 1
Jacare lifts Mousasi into the air, and not even grabbing the ropes can save Mousasi from a takedown. From half-guard, “Jacare” ties up the head and punches with his right hand. Jacare stands up in Mousasi’s guard and is knocked out with a right-footed upkick as he lunged in for a punch. The kick caught him right on the chin and knocked him cold. Mousasi takes the Dream middleweight tournament. The official time is 2:15 of the first.
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