UFC President Blasts ‘Scumbag’ Bjorn Rebney’s Involvement in MMA Athletes Association

By Tristen Critchfield Dec 6, 2016
Once upon a time, Dana White and Bjorn Rebney were figureheads for competing mixed martial arts organizations.

After taking a hiatus following his exit as Bellator MMA CEO, Rebney is still battling White and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but this time in a different capacity: as an advisor of the newly formed Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association. The group is seeking better treatment and benefits for both past and present UFC fighters. More specifically, the MMAAA is seeking three things: a settlement to more appropriately compensate those who have competed in the UFC; increased revenue sharing and a collective bargaining agreement comparable to what athletes have in other sports.

White, who remains firmly entrenched in his position as UFC president, claims that he isn’t familiar with the finer points of the MMAAA. But he is certain of one thing: Anything with Rebney’s name attached to it should be regarded as a risky proposition for the fighters involved.

“I don’t know enough about it to really speak on it. The only thing I need to know is the biggest scumbag in the history of combat sports, ‘Bjork,’ is involved in this thing. There’s three unions out there now all battling against each other, and if you’re a fighter, these guys are all looking to get in your pocket,” White said on the UFC “Unfiltered” podcast. “It’s a business where guys are gonna make money. As a fighter, is this what you want to do? You’ve got to figure out whose hand you want in your pocket. And I guarantee you don’t want ‘Bjork’s’ hand in your pocket.”

Despite White’s relative unfamiliarity with the association, he was aware enough to mock Rebney’s comments about the Las Vegas-based promotion’s revenue sharing with its fighters.

“The one thing that I do know that came out of this thing is this scumbag who knows nothing about our business says, ‘Yeah, they only pay their fighters eight percent of the revenue.’ I hope you’re talking about Conor McGregor. Yeah, we’re paying eight percent of the revenue, you must mean Conor McGregor, right ‘Bjork?’ You stupid motherf---er,” White said.

“Then he said, ‘When I was a promoter, I paid 53 percent of the revenue.’ Because there was no f---ing revenue. Yeah you’re paying 53 percent -- there was no f---ing revenue. If that’s the way we’re gonna gauge this, back in the old days, then I was paying 250 percent of the f---ing revenue. What a f---ing piece of s--t this guy is.”

Rebney isn’t supposed to have any power in the final decision making progress for the MMAAA. That falls to the five-man board that features Georges St. Pierre, Donald Cerrone, Tim Kennedy, Cain Velasquez and T.J. Dillashaw. White admitted that Cerrone’s involvement caught him a little bit off-guard.

“Here’s the reality: the fighters can go out and do what they want to do. They’re all grown men. We all have these paths to walk down,” White said. “I’ll tell you this: I’m a little shocked that ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone didn’t give me a call. If you’re that unhappy....He’s only main evented like three fights, like Fight Nights, never held a title in the WEC, never held a title in the UFC. And a couple years ago he was on a boat, he gets into a beef with a guy on another boat . He’s in big trouble. Who does he call? He calls me. What do I do? I go out and find him the best criminal defense lawyer, and I spent over $100,000 of my own money. When I see Cowboy standing up there it’s like, alright really? OK.

“Nobody’s got thicker skin than me. It just gets to the point where you like whatever, OK. Never heard a word from Cowboy,” White continued. “But whatever, it’s all good. I never called him, never called any of the guys. He’s a big boy. He can do what he wants to do. This is the way it is.”


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