Alex Montagnani: A Cage Fighter Playing a ‘Cagefighter’

May 11, 2020

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Being an actor in motion pictures offered veteran mixed martial artist Alex Montagnani the chance to expand his horizons outside of fighting. However, even with a potential life-changing opportunity in front of him as the lead in the FITE network film “Cagefighter: World’s Collide,” he is not yet ready to give up on his competitive pursuits.

“If I have time in between to do a full camp and have 100 percent focus, then I want to do both,” Montagnani told, “because I’m signed to Contenders Florida right now. They’re a new organization. They’re great. Those guys are going to look after me. I’ve got two fights signed with them, so I think two fights a year is enough—maybe even just one—because then I can really balance the fighting and the acting. These acting jobs can take up to two [or] three months at a time, and a fight camp, I need about three months. Let’s see what happens. I’m sure I can do it.”

In this exclusive interview with, Montagnani discussed his entry into the sport and how he landed his first lead role after just a few weeks in the movie industry. He also touched on what it was like to work closely with Ultimate Fighting Championship hall of famer and co-star Chuck Liddell and professional wrestling stars Jon Moxley and Jay Reso.


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